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Artist of the moment…..Zoe Mozert

Zoe Mozert was an American artist who was a leader in the pin up movement.  Zoe Mozert was one of few women illustrators working against such renowned male pin up artists George Petty or Alberto Vargas. Zoe Mozert was born in the year 1907.

For her collegiate education Zoe Mozert attended the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art.

The medium most used by Mozert was pastel. Mozert illustrated many magazine and calenders over her lengthy career.

In this clip we listen to singer Perry Como whilst viewing some remarkable paintings by Mozert. From an artistic standpoint in many works her viewpoints show her great sense of draftsmanship. For instance a profile painting for us whilst but in the mirror the character holds its a three quarters view. What a remarkable artist:

Another selection of works set to 1920s swing music! :

Zoe Mozert passed away in 1993.

Mozert will hopefully be rediscovered soon by the artworld. Technically her work was often times more stronger than those of Gil Elvgren or George Petty. Long live the pin up vibe! Her work seems so strong and honest because on many occasions she served as her own model!

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $20,000.