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Artist of the moment……….Yoshio Kanamori



Yoshio Kanamori  was born in Toyama Prefecture , Japan in the year 1922.

Kanamori studied with a print master named Shiko Murakata. The artist also attended the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.

For his subjects recurring themes include flowers, butterflies, birds,  and landscapes showing a low horizon line with emphasis on the sun or moon.

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To achieve his unique and wonderful results the artist sometimes painted on reverse side of in image.

In this clip we view a print in close detail. The work features Kanamori with his signature subjects of a mountainous landscape and a bird:




Artist of the moment…..Chizuko Yoshida

Chizuko Yoshida is one of few women artists working in the Japanese tradition of the woodblock. Chizuko Yoshida was born in the year 1924. Like many other families included here from the Wyeths, to the Ashevak, to the Peale family, the Yoshida family is renowned throughout Japan for their artistic talents as a family.

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For her collegiate education Yoshida attended Hongo Art Institute.

Her husband’s name was Hodaka Yoshida. He lived from 1926 to 1995. He was a woodblock artist with a modern twist. Below an example of his style. I love to look at comparisons with artists from the same family. For instance looking at a works of the Gruppe family or my favorite painter of snow, Guy Wiggins. Its great to look at the paintings and see what stylistic points they picked up from other family members. Hodaka Yoshida enjoyed using symmetry in his artwork.


In addition Hodaka’s mother named Fujio Yoshida, was also a renowned artist. She enjoyed printmaking and here is an example of her style.


Chizuko and husband Hodaka Yoshida’s daughter is also a woodblock artist. Its very out of the ordinary to have three female artists come from one family. Talk about a dynasty!

Yoshida is included in the collection of the British Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Yokohama Museum of Art in Japan.


Artist of the moment…..Tadashi Nakayama

Tadashi Nakayama was born in 1927 in the city of Niigata, Japan in the year 1927. His work is a great blend of traditional Ukiyo style prints with traditional western motifs. The artist enjoys working with fun shapes and subjects that are easily translated to a woodblock print style such as young girls, butterflies, and her favorite subject the horse.

Nakayama began to draw and paint seriously at the age of 14 years old. He decided his career path would be as an artist at the age of 17 years of age. For his collegiate education the artist attended Tama Art College.

In the mid 1960s the artist lived in Europe for nearly four years.

Price range information: Nakayama worked mainly in woodblocks which range $1,000 to $10,000. Originals in oil can reach as high as $30,000.  From a collector standpoint it is important to note that many woodblock prints are done in a series of 85 or 95. So they are scarce, even for a print!

I am really falling in love with the woodblock style of printmaking. Its so expressive and at the same time the artist is able to have fun with the patterns and design motifs. These are the funnest horses I have ever seen! Its a great blend of Eastern and Western schools of painting and I love the blend!


Artist of the moment…..Paul Villinski

Paul Villinski is an American artist  born in the year 1960 in York, ,Maine. Villinski  is a mixed media and installation artist. He was born to a family whose father was an air force pilot. Using found or recycled materials from his own collection the artist main subject is butterflies. He creates them from items such as used records and also beer cans. He often employs the butterflies as a group engaging in an activity such as transporting a plane, or coming together to create a certain shape with the negative space created by the group.

For his artistic education Villinski attended the Massachusetts College of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cooper Union College located in New York City.

Even the records the artists uses have something to do with his work. In this clip we visit his studio and he talks briefly about his creative process:

This piece was designed for a show in 2011. Its a cross with a wheelchair and airplane!

In this clip we view a work titled metamorphosis set to music:

Past winner of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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