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Artist of the moment…..George Petty

George Petty was an American artist who was one of the most renowned pinup girl artists in the world. George Petty was born in the year 1894 Abbeville, Louisiana. The Petty family moved to Chicago and his father enjoyed success as a photographer. The artist was skilled a youngster and took classes at Chicago Academy of Fine Arts whilst still in high school. He was so talented he even taught his own course. Petty studied briefly abroad at the Academy Julian in Paris, France before being forced to return home due to the first World War.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. For his medium of choice the artist used an airbrush, watercolor, or pen and ink.

After returning home to Chicago Petty found much work as an airbrush artist. This job was perfect for him as he spent much of his time as a youngster in his father’s studio learning how to use the airbrush.

Petty appeared on the popular television program Whats My Line:

George Petty is best known for his Petty Pin- Up Girls. These were done exclusively for Esquire and Petty drew the lengths of the legs of his models longer than they actually were. He also shrunk the heads.

George Petty passed away in 1975.

In this clip a very large selection of works by George Petty. Many works from Esquire and also from Rigid Tools are included:

One of the best pin-up artists ever!