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Artists of the moment……..Street Artist Duo Icy and Sot



Icy and Sot are a wonderful street artist duo from Iran whose work is often deals with differences with the west and more conservative and traditional eastern cultures. Icy was born in 1985. Sot was born in 1991. They are brothers.

Icy and Sot were from Tebriz, Iran and are now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Below some great examples of Icy and Sot’s public works:

Below a link to the website of Icy and Sot:

In this clip a short interview with Icy and Sot in which they share with us why their work is seen as criminal in Iran:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A behind the scenes look as the artist duo prepares to go on tour promoting their art:

What a great team of brothers, similar to Os Gemeos (the twins) of Brazil!


Artist of the moment……Graffiti and street twin artists Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos are world renown street/ graffiti artists coming from Brazil. The identical twin brothers were born in the year 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their style is easily recognizable as their characters are rather tall with slender limbs and a slightly yellow color to their skin. At first they copied the graffiti are they saw coming from the streets of New York. Soon the twins were able to find their own style of painting and started to express their cultural views about Brazil.

The names of the brothers are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.

Below a short clip featuring the artwork of Os Gemeos.

A big break for the artists came in 1993 when they met American artist Barry McGee. McGee is best known for his cartoon characters, which to me resemble faces made by John Brack, that he paints often on bottles using gouache. The artist is also great at creating abstract patterns and designs. Since I first saw him in national art magazines for his work with bottle I have decided to include works by Barry McGee from his bottles series. Below some bottles by McGee. McGee attended the San Francisco Art Institute but was studying in Brazil. He showed them many examples of American style graffiti. McGee also taught them lettering and graffiti style techniques.

b1 b2

The twins have created their art in many cities including Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, in Heerlen located in the Netherlands. They have also produced works in Portugal, New York city , and in London, England at the Tate Modern.

In this clip we see famed street artist Blu work with the Twins on this very large project completed in Portugal for a festival.

In addition to painting the two also create sculptures and light installations.

First United States exhibition in 2003.

How graffiti and street artists differ in the world. If you have been reading the blog lately you might have seen artists  like Cool Disco Dan, who loved to tag mainly along certain subway lines. In Brazil subway systems are a great deal of pride for the community, so authorities do their best to keep them clean looking. But in the last decade with the approval and rise of graffiti and street art to gallery and main street artists, Os Gemeos and other well known graffiti artists were COMMISSIONED to paint the subway legally. Another great example of how the street movement has a full head of steam behind it!

Price range information: The twins work in many mediums the most frequent being spray paint and acrylics which range $10,000 to $125,000.


Artists working with the face and the figure…….Jake and Dinos Chapman…


These artists are brothers and hail from the Great Britain.  Dinos was born in 1962 in London.  Jake  was born in 1966 in Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

Dinos attended university at the University of Ravensbourne College of Art in London. Jake went to the North East London Polytechnic School.  After receiving bachelors degrees from these colleges both went on to earn master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London.

A short work done by Helen Partridge on these artistic siblings.

Part one of a series done in 2003 with Jake Chapman talking about the contemporary art movement in Britain.

Part two of the series.

Part three of the series.

As you can imagine with two minds working on projects the artists are highly productive and work in many mediums. They work with oils on canvas as well as do silkscreens, posters, etchings, lithographs, watercolor, bronzes, pen and ink, and even fiberglass.

low price range: etchings can be found for around $500.

high price range: $172,000 for a mixed media work done in fiberglass, resin, paint, wigs titled “Fuckface”

Here is a look at the work as it appeared in exhibition as the Saatchi Gallery.


Although their works might be too vulgar to be seen in some print art magazines such as American Art Collector or the Artist magazine, I find their artwork to be a different take on an old genre, figure painting. I liken their works to three dimensional garbage pail kids paintings. The Garbage Pail kids were kids who were gross but well loved by their target audience, young elementary kids such as myself at the time. Diaper Dan, who always had a full diaper. Other characters had body parts missing or deformed faces or were covered in garbage. Figure art, but seen in a gruesome manner, I believe the Chapman brothers have done this in the fine art world.


In 2003 the duo were nominated for the Turner Art Prize, they lost to Grayson Perry. The award is Britain’s most prestigious art event and hosted by the Tate Gallery in London. The award is $40,000 in euros, so around $50,000 in U.S. dollars. It is given to the best artist under the age of fifty and named for the wonderful landscape painter JMW Turner.

On this art page I wanted to include all types of art. I am heavily inspired by those team artists. As an artist it is quite lonely sometimes and you might have to push hard to be motivated. These teams I consider to be highly productive because having an extra set of ideas and someone else to help execute should make you more creative. The Chapman brothers also were studio assistants to another great artist duo that I have written about in the past named Gilbert and George.

Here is the link to my article on Gilbert and George.

The two has worked as an artistic duo since 1991.

The two have worked in the commercial art industry designing labels for Beck’s beer.

Jake Chapman is married to a supermodel named Rosemari Ferguson. Supermodel Kate Moss was in attendance at the wedding.

on line and land based galleries: Phillip de Pury and Company of London.     White Cube Gallery of London.

For some art homework try working with the figure in different style or medium in which you usually work.

Be creative on this beautiful summer’s day!