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Artist of the moment……..Paula Waterman


Paula Waterman is a contemporary American artist renown for her animals prepared on a scratch board surface. In addition to her scratch board work the artist also creates wonderful animal sculptures. In addition to animals the artist enjoys painting marine scenes. Paula Waterman was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in the year 1954.

Waterman first attended college in Washington D.C. at American University. The program had a deep focus on abstract styles so she would eventually switch majors and earn a nursing degree from Washington Hospital Center.

Waterman uses her art to support various animal projects around the globe. The artist has even traveled to Africa for research and to shoot photographs of the animals in their natural surroundings.

As far as animals are concerned Waterman enjoys depicting birds and dogs.

In this clip we view the artist at work and listen to her thoughts on art:

Below a link to the website of Paula Waterman:


Price range information: Small scratch board items that have sides smaller than 12 inches start at $1,000. Original oils can reach $15,000. no pricing available for sculpture works.

Below part 2 of the interview with Paula Waterman:

Waterman began exhibiting her artwork in 1981.



Artist of the moment……Sculptor Paul Wegner



As I listen to jazz often, it has become one of my favorite subjects and Paul Wegner produces amazing works of art with jazz as his theme. Paul Wegner was born in the year 1950.

Wegner received a big boost to his career after receiving a commission from the National Geographic Society. Another significant commission was a work done for the Annapolis Naval Base Headquarters.

A link to the website of the artist:

In this clip a closer look at one of the sculptures of jazz musicians Paul Wegner is famous for:

In this clip we view some works for sale by the artist:

What I enjoy most about the works of this artist is his design skill. A piano is made into a long and sleek shape. Seldom is the entire body shown, many works we just see the horn with some arms and maybe a torso. Very modern and elegant linework  in his sculpture work.

Price range information: Most are limited edition works with prices ranging froom $4,000 to $20,000.


Artist of the moment……John Kittelston


John Kittelston is a wonderful western artist renown for his sculpture and leather works. Kippelston also paints and works with ceramics. John Henry Kippelston was born in Arlington, South Dakota in the year 1930. Kittelson is self taught as an artist and works in many mediums.

Kittelson began working in wood, but switched to bronze as it was a way to earn far more money and complete more works.

Kittelson lived for many years in Colorado and was one of the foremost artists working with leather and producing belts and horse saddles. The artist began earning money from his efforts at the young age of thirteen.

The artist sometimes buys a tree and lets it sit untouched for up to three years before beginning to work it.

Kittelson was made an initial member of the Cowboy Artists of America.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a versatile artist. I love his style of carving animals, they are very lifelike and animated.





Artist of the moment……Laverne Nelson Black

Laverne Nelson Black was an American painter born in Viola, Wisconsin in the year 1887. Black’s family relocated to Chicago when he was a young child. This allowed Black to study at the Art Institute of Chicago taking classes as a child. The artist would go to earn a degree from the Institute where he learned drawings, painting, and sculpture.

After college Black was able to find work as a newspaper illustrator. Black lived in large metropolitan areas including Chicago and New York City but when loved to take vacations to the American West in locales such as Taos and Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Due to health reasons Black and his family relocated to Sante Fe, New Mexico in 1925. This would not work out either and the Black family would move again, this time to Phoenix,Arizona.

Laverne Black painted some murals for the W.P.A. project. In Phoenix he painted a large mural at the Post Office.

Black was also a renowned sculptor. He was one of few artists to sell bronzes at the famed luxury good store Tiffany’s. Frederick Remington was the previous artist to accomplish this.

Laverne Black passed away in 1938.

Price range information: Prices range from $5,000 to $600,000. The artist worked in watercolor, oils, gouache, mixed media, and bronzes.


Artist of the moment…..Ruby Sterling

Ruby Sterling is a young contemporary artist born on a U.S. military base in Germany in the year 1972. His mother was Dutch and his father was from the U.S.

The family moved back to the United States shortly after his birth.

For his collegiate studies attended the Pennsylvania Academy for Arts and Design.  Sterling would go on to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Attended the Art College of Design located in Pasadena, California for his postgraduate studies.

Sterling is known for his variety of media  from collages, to installations to paintings, and ceramic works Sterling it seems is always busy creating something for the viewer to enjoy.

Some unique series done by Sterling include a “vampire series” that includes many different mouths and fangs dripping with color and blood. You may see some examples of this series in the gallery. Here we see my favorite series by Sterling, the vampires. Soft sculpture at its best!

For his paintings he works in a very abstract style. In this clip we visit Ruby Sterling’s first show featuring only paintings and catch up with the artist in a brief interview.

For the collages made by Sterling he sometimes uses bleached denim and canvas.

Ruby Sterling is a very well respected artist that is in many prominent collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

price range information: Paintings can range from $10,000 to $600,000. Collages range $6,000 to $160,000. Works in wood range $80,000 to $200,000.

A link for what is for sure one of the best artist’s websites in existence, be sure and visit at least once!