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Artist of the moment………..Elisabeth Frink


Dame Elisabeth Frink was a wonderful British artist renown for her sculptures. Elisabeth Frink was born in Thurlow, Suffock, England  in the year 1930. Frink enjoyed carving horses in addition to the human figure.

Frink attended what is now called the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury, England. The artist also attended the Chelsea School of Art.

The artist often worked with the male nude as her muse. Frink tried to emphasize the masculine qualities of strength and aggression.

Elisabeth Frink passed away from cancer complications in 1993 at the age of 62 years old.

Below a work titled ” Walking Madonna”:

Frink was also a prolific printmaker.

England issued a stamp in 1996 celebrating the achievements of Elisabeth Frink.

Below a short clip on the artist and some words about her from her son:

Price range information: Lithographs, etchings, and drawings range from $5,000 to $30,000. Bronzes range from $40,000 to $700,000. 

What I enjoy most about Frink’s work is her attention and development of her drawing and printmaking skills in addition to her sculpture works. She continued to experiment and grow in multiple mediums as she grew older.


Artist of the moment…….Arthur Jackson Hepworth

Arthur Jackson was a British abstract painter and the cousin of famed painter Barbara Hepworth.

Arthur Jackson Hepworth was born in 1911. Jackson attended St. Martin’s School of Art located in London, England.

Jackson was the artist’s middle name and he used it to separate himself from his famous artist relative, Barbara Hepworth.

In addition to painting Jackson enjoyed the art of photography.

In the late 1930s Jackson gave up painting to focus on architecture.

Arthur Jackson passed away in 2003.

What a wonderful style the artist developed. Its too bad he chose to focus so much on architecture rather than painting in his later years.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $150,000. The artist worked mainly in oils, but also produced watercolors.






Artist of the moment………..Cecil Kennedy

Cecil Kennedy was a fantastic painter of floral and botanical works. Cecil Kennedy was born in Leyton, England in the year 1905. The artist also painted portraits in addition to his floral works.

Kennedy came from a large family, he was the last born of thirteen children. He served in the Second World War. At this time he became friendly with a group with Flemish painters who inspired him to begin to paint floral images.

The artist’s wife helped to arrange the flowers. The couple had a vast collection of Waterford vases which the artist incorporated in his work.

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Cecil Kennedy:

Cecil Kennedy passed away in 1997.

The artist was in high demand for his floral images. Kennedy’s work was bought by Queen Mary and even the Duke of Windsor.

One time the Queen even commented on a ladybug the artist included in a floral work. After this experience he usually painted a ladybug in every piece.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Flowers are one of my favorite genres. Another great realist painter of the flower was Martin Johnson Heade. His white flowers are amazing to look at for their subtlety in color.



Artist of the moment…….Bharti Kher



Bharti Kher is a contemporary artist who is renown for her work with bindi or bindis, sometimes called the third eye or the “dot” worn by Indian women. Kher works as a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Her sculptures are often life size works of very large animals such as elephants.

The artist began to use the bindi in the mid 1990s.

Price range information: Most works range from $40,000 to $400,000. Occasionally photographs can be found for less than $10,000.

Bharti Kher was born in London, England in the year 1969.

Her flat works often include bindis glued to wood panel.

In this clip a very large elephant that takes 7 or 8 people to carry is taken to Sotheby’s to get ready for an auction:

Kher is now based out of New Delhi, India.

Below a longer interview with Bharti Kher from 2014:

I always enjoy when items from a culture or country are included in artwork. That is why I so enjoy Inuit and Shona art. Kher work has a great sense of culture and humanity.



Artist of the moment………..Raymond Dabb Yelland


Raymond Dabb Yelland was a wonderful painter of landscapes and in particular sunsets born in London, England in the year 1848. His family moved to the United States when the artist was three years old. The artist decided he wanted to be a professional when he was twelve years of age.

Yelland attended college at the National Academy of Design located in New York City. He would also study abroad in Paris, France.

The artist participated in the United States Civil War. After the conflict he relocated to California.

Yelland was a professor at Mills College located in San Francisco, California.

Raymond Dabb Yelland passed away in 1900 due to pneumonia.

Price range information: Yelland worked in oils with prices ranging from $10,000 to $70,000.

When it comes to great looking sunsets other artists who painted great images include Ovanes Berberian and Wilson Hurley.

Below a clip from my favorite television show, the Antiques Roadshow, where we see a fantastic signature coastal work by Yelland:


Artist of the moment………Arthur Mole


Arthur Mole was a photographer renown for his “living” pictures to help encourage soldiers at war. Arthur Mole was born in Lexton, Essex, England in the year 1889. Mole’s work is just so clever, the work of the battleship shows soldiers spelling out “Nice to Meet You” in Japanese.

Mole had the idea to take many soldiers and arrange them into patriotic shapes. When seen from the ground the soldiers looked like a random image of people, but when shot from high above the images would come into place. Some subject matter included flags, a liberty bell, and an eagle.

Unofficially Mole used as many as 20,000 people in one picture. In order to make the perspective work correctly many more people had to be placed in the distance rather than closer.

The artist and his family moved to the United States in 1902, just after he became a teenager. Mole worked as a commercial photographer.

It took a great deal of patience and time to organize the soldiers into place. Mole’s viewing point was an 80 foot tower. He would shout instructions on where to stand via a megaphone.

Mole is included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Arthur More passed away in 1983.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a brief clip on Arthur Mole and his helper in this activity, John Thomas:

No need for photoshop with such a creative mind! Arthur Mole was far ahead of his time in the field of photography!



Artist of the moment…………….Bernard Cohen



Bernard Cohen is a fantastic British artist renown for his abstract painting style. Bernard Cohen was born in London, England in the year 1933.

Cohen briefly attended the St. Martin School of Art. The artist also attended the Slade School of Art located in London. Cohen went on to become a professor at Slade.

Cohen has multiple pieces included in the Tate Collection.

Below we visit a retrospective of Bernard Cohen’s career:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000.

The artist works in graphite, acrylics, oils, gouache,  and watercolor. Cohen is also an avid printmaker. In his signature works of the 1960s and 1970s the artist often used an airbrush in his artwork.

Cohen considers himself a storyteller and creator of pictorial theater. The artist has a wonderful sense of design and colour. His work is a visual feast for the eyes without overwhelming the viewer with visual information.




Artist of the moment……..Sir John Tenniel



After seeing the works of the previous post, Ericailcane, I thought we should take a closer look at an artist whose work is very similar, John Tenniel.

John Tenniel was born in London, England in the year 1820. Tenniel is famous for being the original illustrator of the children’s book Alice in Wonderland. He also was the chief political cartoonist for England’s Punch magazine for more than five decades.

Tenniel originally attended the Royal Academy of Art but left early as he was upset by the quantity of teaching he was receiving at the institution.

An interesting fact is that the artist lost sight in his right eye as the result of a fencing accident. The artist was practicing fencing with his father when the protective tip of his dad’s foil (sword) became loose. Tenniel hid the fact from his father how bad the accident damaged his eye.

In this clip we view some prints by John Tenniel appearing for the first time in Russia:

Tenniel was knighted becoming a sir in 1893. He was the first artist or illustrator to be knighted.

Tenniel was also a highly talented watercolorist.

John Tenniel passed away in 1914 at the age of 94.

Price range information: Many prints can be found for a few thousand dollars. Not enough price information available for pricing on oil paintings.

Its very interesting to see the works of Tenniel and Ericailcane side by side. We can see where Ericailcane has added so much to the creatures and animals by using color and working in such a vast size.


Artist of the moment………..Bob and Roberta Smith


Patrick Brill, also known as Bob and Roberta Smith, is a British artist renown for his art which uses typography and a poster format. Patrick Brill was born in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom in the year 1963. His father was a professional landscape artist named Frederick Brill.

Brill attended the University of Reading where he earned a bachelors degree. The artist went on to earn a masters degree from GoldsmithsCollege.

Brill is more commonly known as Bob and Roberta Smith.

His wife, Jessica Voorsanger, is also an artist and an advocate for exposing people with learning disabilities to art.

Brill is associate professor at London Metropolitan University.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist works in acrylics and printmaking. The artist has also recently been working with sculpture.


In this clip an interview with the artist:


Below we view a brief documentary from the Tate about Bob and Roberta Smith:

This artist reminds me of Stephen Powers for his use of color and text.


Artist of the moment……..Anne Desmet


Anne Desmet is a fantastic British artist renown for her prints of famous landscapes. Anne Desmet was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1964. Desmet studied at Oxford University and the Central School of Art and Design located in London.

Desmet has taught engraving at the collegiate level.

Desmet is one of three artists who specialized in engraving elected to the prestigious Royal Academy of Art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Below we take a closer look at a critically acclaimed series that dealt with the architecture of the Olympics held in London, England in the year 2012:

In this clip another brief interview with Desmet as she gave a printmaking workshop:

The artist served as an editor for Printmaking Today. This is an industry standard magazine that covers both painting and printmaking in the U.K.

Below a link to the website of Anne Desmet:


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