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Artist of the moment….Angela Bulloch

The first image in the gallery  is a work that uses seventeen different Inuit words for the word “snow.” Very unique and done on glass using vinyl text.

Angelo Bulloch hails from Canada and was born in the city of Rainy Rivers, Ontario, Canada in they year 1966. She is renown for the use of mixed media in her work. She also tends to work for the most part with boxes that painted one solid color but when you plug in her work the colors of the box change often. Some works that are installations take up the space of an entire wall and are similar to what you might see in looking at an old vintage video game from the 1970s or 1980s, think of games like Pitfall the original pong, the graphics were very simple lines that showed movement. Bulloch also stresses the use of sound in some installation works. To see a great example of her color changing boxes check out the film clips towards the end of this article!

For her boxes sometimes she uses plexiglass, birchwood panels, and L.E.D. lights.

For her collegiate studies the artist attended Goldsmith College in London, England.

She was a finalist for the Turner Prize in 1997.

Works out of London and Berlin.

Price range information:  The artist works in mixed media and the works range from $10,000 to $55,000.

Another interesting idea that Bulloch has is to use information or input from someone in her installation idea. For instance in this clip we see a work that deals with people talking, the machine makes a horizontal or vertical mark according to what it hears.

A work from Art Basel 2012.

Seeing this short clip is better than seeing any picture in the gallery. You get an idea as to how the artist manipulates the color boxes, they in fact aren’t just one color but rotate much like a Las Vegas billboard!

I find the artist to be similar to the American Light and Space artists profiled here, I enjoy her use of color and absolutely love the work featuring 17 words in Inuit for snow.


Artists who paint food….Robert C. Jackson….

On line and land based galleries:   Gallery 1261 Downtown Denver, Colorado.

Gallery Henoch in New York, City.

low price range: $3,000

high price range: $14,000

A brief clip showing the artist working on a painting titled the “Feast” A modern take on the dogs playing cards idea, he paints dog balloon animals sitting down and ready to eat a meal with knifes and forks in hand! Over 4,200 pictures are included in time lapse photography mode.

The artist was born in Kinston, North Carolina in 1964. He attended the University of Delaware and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. He worked for Motorola for a few years. After this he found his next devotion, an assistant pastor for a church in Maryland. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and children. It was only after becoming a pastor that he started to concentrate on his painting.

This artist has also used boxes to make reference to Richard Diebenkorn’s Oceanpark series. I hope he uses the boxes to make reference to my favorite colorist Mark Rothco, I haven’t seen one yet but have my fingers crossed.  Other artist’s he has channeled include Jasper Johns.

I am not a huge fan of the boring fruit on a table that you see painted by modern day masters such as Sherrie McGraw or David Leffel. The compositions are almost the same as Rembrandt’s time. I like for the artist to innovate in design or add something from the current era to make it more their own work. The artist Robert C. Jackson has become famous for his paintings of soda pop box containers. Great because they signify an era when the public thought bigger was better. Its great fun also as the typography used in those days was not as perfect as our digital age advertising. Its the imperfections in the boxes, the worn paint and wood, that give added excitement to the viewer.

The artist renders many different textures in his paintings from the boxes, to balloon animals made into dogs, to apples used as substitutes for humans in many different action poses such as jumping and fighting. This artist brings humor to the fine art world, my favorite humorous artist with a high degree of technical capability.

I love the creativity of this artist! Great textures on his paintings. Also many references to artist’s of the past such as Diebenkorn but with a very modern edge.  Scenes like the apples relaxing and enjoying a cigar are sure to rouse a smile out of even the strictest realism fan. A great sense of design by his use of color and repeating shapes such as the apple or balloons thru out the painting.

How about drawing or painting some vegetables having a duel with swords!

Happy painting!