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Artist of the moment…………R.H. Quaytman



R.H. Quaytman is an American artist renown for her abstract style and mixed media works. R.H. Quaytman was born Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1961. The artist attended the Skowhegen School of Art in Maine and Bard College located in New York state. After earning a B.A. at Bard the artist studied abroad in Ireland.

Her mother was a poet named Susan Howe. Her father was an artist named Harvey Quaytman. Harvey was an abstract painter who employed geometric shapes and vivid color in his work. Harvey will be the next post.

Her work includes many mediums and many works use a silkscreened photgraphic image or on some occasions just text.

The artist uses very large pieces of wood for her works.

Quaytman is married to a film maker.

The artist is a past participant in the Whitney Biennial. She is also part of many modern art museum collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Price range information: Works start in the low six figures around $150,000. Works can reach as high as one half million dollars.

In this clip a brief interview with R.H. Quaytman:

What a unique voice. I enjoy the fact that her chapter’s series includes history about the sites installation location.


Artist of the moment………..Cody Hoyt


Cody Hoyt is a modern artist who explores typography and letterform. Hoyt is also a sculptor working with organic shapes and simple patterns that could remind one of animal fur. Cody Hoyt was born in Sarasota, Florida in the year 1980.

Hoyt attended the Massachusetts College of Art located in Boston. The artist also studied abroad in the Netherlands.

Hoyt is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Human skulls are also a favorite theme of the artist. Over his career his artist has designed many record labels.

Some of my favorite letterform artists include Robert Cottingham, Mel Bochner, Denis Brown, and Rob Wynne.

Price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment…….Denise Kupferschmidt


Denise Kupferschmidt is an American artist renown or his minimalist works involving the figure. Denise Kupferschmidt was born in Princeton, New Jersey in the year 1979. The artist attended the Massachusetts College of Fine Art located in Boston.

The artist is capable of working in many mediums and often exhibits drawings, paintings, and sculpture work. She is also an avid printmaker.


Below we visit a show featuring Kupferschmidt. Her works are shown at the 1:18 mark in the clip:

The artist is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

What a wonderful way to depict the figure. With the black and white format used on most of her paintings its easy for the viewer to think they are looking at one of Matisse’s contemporaries rather than someone born in 1979.


Artist of the moment……….Arthur Cohen

Arthur Cohen was an American artist renown for his elegant and modernist paintings of the landscape. Arthur Cohen was born in New York City in the year 1928. Cohen attended Cooper Union College and the Art Student’s League of New York City. The artist was a photographer and printmaker.

Cohen enjoyed painting many landscapes around Manhattan, New York and Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The artist was made a member of the National Academy of Design.

Arthur Cohen passed away in 1912 at the age of 84.

What I enjoy most about Arthur Cohen’s work, it has a vibrancy and life to it since he loved to paint from life. In fact he had rigged his jeep so that it was a makeshift painting studio. The artist had palette that even fit over the steering wheel. Painting from an old jeep the artist was able to capture many moments of the Northeast United States in oils.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another great artist who paints the Northeast is Rick Fluery. An example of his work is below:


Artist of the moment……Richard Yarde

Richard Yarde is an African American artist born in the year 1939  in Boston, Massachusetts. He was renown for his work depicting mainly African- American people dancing. A great draughtsman who enjoyed painting the figure. In addition to the figure Yarde was renown for his work with the medium of watercolor. He occasionally worked in oils.

Yarde was an outstanding painter of fabrics and clothes.

price range information: Sorry none available.

For his artistic education Yarde attended Boston University earning both a bachelors and masters of fine arts degree.

Yarde is part of the teaching faculty at the University of Massachusetts located in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The artist lives and works out of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Recipient of an award from the National Academy of Art and Letters.

Richard Yarde passed away in 2011. In the clip below we view a tribute to his legacy of art:

Included in many prominent collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Boston Museum of Art.


Artist of the moment…..Hyman Bloom

Hyman Bloom was born in the country of Latvia, which was then a part of the Russian Empire,  in the year 1913. His work was a mixture of religious and cultural ideals from his Jewish faith but also a feeling of magical and mythical with his use of skeletons and ghosts. Bloom’s family made the move to the United States in 1920.

price range information: Sorry none available.

When he was in his teens he was awarded a scholarship to study with another artist already profiled here named Jack Levine. Levine’s work concentrated on the expressions of the human figure. Below a great example of Levine’s style. Bloom, Levine, and another painter named Karl Zerbe would develop a similar style of painting that came to be known as Boston Expressionist. Levine was renown for depicting the politicians and entertainment celebrities of his time.

Participated in the Venice Biennale in 1950.

Enjoyed listening to Indian music.

Winner of Guggenheim fellowship.

Hyman Bloom passed away in 2009 at the age of 96 years old.

Elected to the National Academy of Design. Also chosen as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

In this clip we visit a show with the great James Kalm: