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Artist of the moment……..Noriko Ambe



Noriko Ambe is a contemporary artist who has a unique style working with cut paper. Noriko Ambe was born in Saitama, Japan in the year 1967.

Ambe attended college in Tokyo, Japan at the Musashino Art University. The artist also studied for brief period of time in Italy and New York City and Vermont.

The artist had her first solo exhibition in 1992.

Below a link to the website of artist Noriko Ambe:

Below in this fantastic clip we listen to the artist talk about her work:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist is now based out of New York City.

Ambe works with many layers of paper and often uses books and magazines to cut her amazing works of art.

I enjoy the depth and very unique sculptural shapes Ambe is generates in her very unique paper works.



Artist of the moment……Su Blackwell….The Book as a medium!

Su Blackwell is a British artist that turns ordinary items like books of stories, into the story itself! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the artists work, it was like watching a Dicken’s novel come to life! What creativity. For her artistic education Blackwell attended the Royal College of Art located in London, England.  Blackwell has mastered the skill of design so that at each moment it seems something is in movement, be it trees or people. I enjoy her butterfly works the most, sometimes a dress or a book is in the middle of transforming into a butterfly.

price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Su Blackwell:

The artists finds her vintage books and clothing at second hand stores. She enjoys using very old books that may have worn edges or beverage stains, this also helps add intrigue in her work.

In this clip we see the artist working at her craft:

In this clip the artist cuts to music:

Some holiday cuttings here:

In closing, its nice to see one advantage the old book has over newer items like the Kindle or Nook, its ability to be used for an artistic medium of expression!


Artist of the moment….Guy Diehl

Guy Diehl is an American artist  that works with a variety of mediums and producing wonderful still life works. Not only does he sell originals, but his artwork has been featured on many tapestries and fabrics. Diehl was born in 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For his collegiate studies Diehl earned a bachelors degree at California State University Hayward. Diehl went on to earn a masters degree at San Francisco State College in California. For a short time Diehl attended Diablo Valley College, also in California.

A link to Guy Diehl’s own personal website:

In this clip we hear directly from Guy Diehl and mural project done in Davis, California. As he states, are should be part of everyone’s daily life!

Mediums used: Has worked in many mediums from cloth to painting and for painting sticks to acrylics.

Other artists that have spent a fair amount of time doing murals include Diego Rivera, Michelle Torrez. Torrez is a great painter of the figure and works in oils now. Here is an example of her contemporary artwork.

One last figure in the mural world to check out would be John Pugh. Pugh paints in a very realistic style that is meant to trick the viewers eye!

Another clip from Davis, California featuring the Davis Mural team at work giving their neighborhood a facelift featuring Guy Diehl working with his fellow neighbors! Very inspirational to see the community come together for art. He calls his work interactive storytelling.

One last clip featuring the Davis Mural Team. Just very cool!



Its great to see artists working with community members on ideas for the public. Lets hope that we can see collaboration with children and schools. A way to make them feel part of their community and also to make art part of the daily activities.