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Artist of the moment……David Kapp

David Kapp is known for his wonderful paintings of the city. Kapp was born in 1953. He went on to study at the Windham College in Putney, Vermont earning a bachelors degree in art. For his master’s degree the artist attended Queen’s College in New York city.

In this clip we see our beloved art critic friend James Kahn visit a gallery show. The part of the clip featuring Kapp starts around 4:33 into the clip.

A link to David Kapp’s own website:

Interview with David Kapp.

If you enjoy this artist please check out some other artists who paint wonderful scenes from a bird’s eye view such as Raphealla Spence.  Spence hires a helicopter to fly her above the cities she would like to paint. The artist has  produced some outstanding views of New York city and Venice, Italy. She is highly realistic and puts much detail in her art. Below is great example of her overhead view of Las Vegas. The neon lights are painted at the time of the sunset making for spectacular colors reflected everywhere in the scene.

A link to Raphaella Spence’s own website:


Another artist working by this method of riding in a helicopter first and then he paints from it immediately is Stephen Wiltshire. This artist is amazing as he is autistic and paints from his memory of going above certain cities. The artist is British and had done many  fantastic paintings of London, England. Below is an example of Wiltshire’s style of art.

A link to Wiltshire’s own website:

This lovely drawing of Rome was done after the artist flew over the city for 45 minutes. He returned to earth and made this wonderful panoramic drawing from memory! It measures 7 yards in length!


Kapp also does a wonderful job capturing the color of reflected lights. Similar to Mark Lague. Lague paints the urban scene and has done a great deal of work at nighttime. If you look closely at his taxi cabs and other vehicles you can see the fun he has by taking a red or blue light and reflecting it off many surfaces.  Lague paints differently than most artists finishing one small section of his painting entirely before moving onto the next section. Below is an example of Lague’s cityscape.


Prince range information on David Kapp: None available. He works mainly with oils on linen and paints very large with many works that have small sides measuring 60 inches or longer. He works with both oils and oilstick on linen.

Next time you have the chance to snap some pictures or even remember what you saw when you were above the clouds, take some inspiration from these artists and make an awesome work of art.

Artists working with the face and figure……Zhou Jinhua

A clip showing the artist preparing for a gallery show.

The artist was born in Deyang, China in 1978.

Attended college at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in Chongking, China. Now lives and works in Beijing and Chongking, China.

On line and land based galleries:   White Rabbit Gallery in   Chippendale in New South Wales, Australia.

When I think of this artist I think of the large groups of people, a large mass involved in a unique situation.  The artist mixes realism with imagination and spectacular vantage points.  If ever there was an artist who painted scenes from a birds eye view, HERE HE IS.

I enjoy his vantage point and sometimes the viewer can even experience a feeling of falling. Comic book artists in general do a great deal of drawing the figure from unique view points, but this artist is as good as it gets for painting in this manner with oils and acrylics.  The artist is also great at making his compositions and the people in them flow in one direction, the viewers eye is always asking questions.

The subject might be enjoying a great day on a beach, but in the painting’s reality it is only a bathtub.  Zhou Jinhua is also great at making the viewer smile and laugh.

An artlink address for the artist :

high price range: acrylics $20,000

low price range: $8,000 oils

The artist loves to mix two of his favorite mediums, photography ( for the aerial shots) and ancient Chinese calligraphy to give his works tremendous flow and movement. As a young boy when he received his first camera he immediately went out climbing to the tops of roofs, bridges,  and trees just to take pictures. Paints very large canvases.

Looking deeper into the artist’s work lets analyze the people.  Each is painted individually, not as a group. Many are going there own separate paths and sometimes even characters that are standing next to each other have shadows going in different directions.

A direct quote from the artist for his use of the bird’s eye view,” The bird’s eye view I use for my pictures is not a position of power for me- I need distance from the event in order to understand whats happening there.”

Drawing groups of people and making them interesting is one of the toughest tasks you can have as an artist. Some pointers. Start in the background and use greys for clothes in the distance, in the foreground use some complimentary colors.  Some great painters of groups include the Italian artist Giotto.  My favorite modern day painter of groups would be Joseph Zbukvic.

Try an aerial view work today!

Inhale, Exhale, CREATE!