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Artist of the moment…..Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir is a street artist that jumped onto the international spot light for being the first artist to paint the Berlin Wall. Thierry Noir was born in Lyons, France in the year 1958. The artist moved to Berlin, West Germany in 1982. In 1984 he teamed with fellow street artist Christophe Bouchet to start painting the Berlin Wall. Below is Bouchet’s style of art. cc12

In this clip we visit the artist at the Berlin Wall where he tells us about his work.

In Germany Noir did work with an organization that works with UNICEF to help impoverished children. The group works with major artists to produce what are called Buddy Bears. These works are then sold with the profits going to help children. Noir and his bear are pictured below.

. cc11

In this clip we view Thierry Noir and another street artist that hails from England named Stik as they work on a large mural. Here is an example of Stik’s signature character. cc13

And here we see Stik and Noir painting together.

A link to the facebook page of Thierry Noir:

In a previous post the street artist Faith47 told us that the Street Movement will be in the history books someday. With all of the various forms of media the street artists have helped garner public attention for the arts. Surely the next stage will involve artists working together with the public to decorate similar to the manner in which Guy Diehl does his public works.

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