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Artist of the moment………Tomma Abts


Tomma Abts is an amazing abstract painter born in Kiel, Germany in the year 1967. Abts is a past winner of the famous and prestigious Turner Prize. For an abstract painter, Abts uses a great deal of organization in her composition that reminds of the great Op Art painter Bridget Riley. Abts work has a great movement, as if you were looking at a lava lamp from the 1960s and waiting for the shape to alter itself slightly.

Abts attened the Berlin School for Fine Art.

In this clip Abts is awarded the Turner Prize. A brief background about the Prize is given:

Abts won the Turner Prize in 2006.

What a great example of modern abstraction. One of my favorite things to look for in abstract work are fun patterns and shapes. Abts uses wonderful geometric shapes and often many works use both acrylic and oil paint. Another element I really enjoy about her work is that she is not a flat painter, she will often add dimension to a work by adding a shadow.

The artist is now based out of London, England:

In this clip we view a show featuring Tomma Abts from 2013

Price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $50,000. Abts is an avid printmaker.