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Artist of the moment…….Gertrude Fiske

Gertrude Fiske was an American painter who worked in an Impressionistic style. Gertrude Fiske was born in the year 1878.Fiske was a painter of portraits and landscapes of amusement parks and beaches.

Fiske was one of the first female painters to take lessons at the Boston Museum School of Fine Art.

For her beach scenes, Fiske was stationed in Maine where she studied under artist Charles Woodbury.

In this clip we view some of Fiske’s works whilst listening to Beethoven!:

Gertrude Fiske passed away in 1961.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $20,000. Fiske worked in oils.

If you enjoy scenes of people at leisure at the beach be sure and check out artists Hilo Chen, Sally Swatland, and Charles Warren Mundy. Its fun to see how the different artists paint the body. Beach scenes can be challenging because you have young and old body shapes and of course, the fun repetitive shapes of the umbrellas.


Artist of the moment……Martha Walter…

A collection of works of the artist set to music. Breaking the one hundred year mark the artist was able to grow a tremendous amount during her career. After watching this clip you will marvel at the artist’s ability to capture emotions. Her mother and child portraits are filled with love and happiness equivalent to a Mary Cassatt painting of the same genre.

Martha Walter was born in 1875.  Walter grew up around Philadelphia and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Like the other woman artist I just wrote about Theresa Bernstein, Walter also studied under William Merritt Chase. She was able to earn many scholarships and awards due to her fine painting skills and travelled abroad to the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

Walter was a teacher at  the Chase New York  School of Art.

Walter concentrated on realism and Impressionism. She is included in such museum collections as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Smithsonian Institute. She painted mainly in oils and watercolor.

High price range:  An oil painting titled ,” Children with Japanese Parasols” sold for $194,000. Watercolor high price range is $7,000.

Low price range:  Smaller works sized close to 8 by 10 inches can be found for few thousand dollars.  Watercolors start between one and two thousand dollars.

Of my recent posts the artist reminds me a lot of Delia Brown. Brown is  a well known modern painter that has so much fun when she paints. On many occassions she includes herself and her friends in her paintings. The group of mainly ladies always seem to be having a good time!  She paints them in exclusive country clubs, Beverly Hills cocktail parties, and attracting men in pool halls. In the paintings by Martha Walter I get that same feeling of relaxation and happiness.  For that reason I enjoy her paintings of the beach scenes the best.  Her characters have a certainl liveliness and happiness quality to them. They seem to be enjoying the best leisure excursion at the time, GOING TO THE BEACH with the entire family!

The artist passed away in 1976 at the great age of 100 years old!  I am enjoying  reading about these artists who lived through so much. Not only the growth and globalization of the globe, but also the many phases of art that went in and out of style. From Impressionism, to Abstract Expressionism, to color field painting, to minimalization, and photo realism these artists that surpassed one hundred years on good old mother earth were not ashamed that their favorite style of art was Impressionism and Realism. Despite the fact that getting painting instruction was primarily male dominated, Walter and Bernstein were both ablet to learn from William Merritt Chase.

Happy painting!