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Artist of the moment……….Street Artist Bask




Bask is an American street artist renown for his Pop Art style that makes references to consumerism.

Bask is also known as Alex Hostomsky. His family came to the United States from Czechoslovakia and settled in Florida.

Below two wonderful things! Charlie Brown music and a  montage of works by the artist Bask. What an awesome combination!:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a very large mural featuring the comic hero Iron Man 3 and Robert Downey Junior:

Bask is now based out of Seminole, Florida.

Below a link to the Facebook page of the artist:

My first chance to see some street art in person is coming up soon! A show featuring the work of Bask will be taking place at the Black Book Gallery in Denver, Colorado starting May 2nd.

Another artist who paints in a similar style who makes references to the consumer and popular imagery is the artist Greg Miller.


Artist of the moment…..Street legend Revok

Revok is an internationally renown street artist from Los Angeles, California born in the year 1977. His government name is Jason Williams. Started tagging at the age of 14 years old. Became famous for a series depicting the city of Los Angeles, California as Los Awesome. The idea was to make the art form more celebratory and uplifting rather than just identifying whose turf you were on.

Has been arrested on and off since 2008 for his graffiti.

In this post we see some actual graffiti and an interview with the legend. Very interesting as he talks about the “sport” of graffiti. Its always a battle. You could be running from the police, trying to avoid your work from being painted over, and trying to paint sometimes far off the ground say if you are working close to or on a bridge. I never realized how productive a street artist has to be just in order to get their name out.

Revok was arrested for his failure to compensate victims for the property damage he caused. The artist was arrested at the Los Angeles Airport as he was heading Ireland. He had already been convicted of a felony in 2009 and was on probation.

A link to a great website hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In this show you can see many artists including a documentary on Washington D.C.s Cool Disco Dan:

and here we have a quick visit to the M.O.C.A. show featuring some renown street artisans.

Below is a wonderful print that was produced by street artist Bask, to raise funds to help free Revok.


And in this clip we visit Revok at a party where he tagging shirts live as people wear them. I hope someday to attend a party like this.

Revok is out of jail of course as the incident occurred in 2009 and is now and practicing his art for us to enjoy!