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Artist of the moment…….Street Artist Hanksy



Hanksy is an American street artist based in New York City. Hanksy works with images that are similar to the famous artist Banksy, but with Tom Hanks’ face on most bodies. On a few occasions the artist has used other well known celebrity icons.

Hanksy enjoys playing with words using puns.

In this clip we view Hanksy’s first exhibition in Los Angeles, California:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below we view a wheat paste up made by Hanksy featuring comedian Jim Gaffigan:

Below a link to the website of Hanksy:

What a wonderful style of street art! I really enjoy his use of puns.




Artist of the moment……….Street artist I-Heart


I-Heart is a street artist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia with a style similar to Banksy. The artist, like Banksy, prefers to remain anonymous.

I-Heart enjoys making statements about social media in art.

The artist has made famous works around Vancouver including a mural in Stanley Park, the second largest park in North America behind New York’s Central Park.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist Banksy is also a fan of I-Heart. Bansky shared an image the mural in Stanley Park on his website and it went viral. With the work I-Heart wanted to show how connected but yet disconnected we are now thanks to the Internet and Smart Phones.

Below a brief interview with I-Heart:

I think Andy Warhol would be a huge fan of I-Heart for the way the artist incorporates mass social media in his work.




Artist of the moment………Eelus


Eelus is fantastic street artist based out of the United Kingdom. Eelus works in many mediums and is best known for the art of paper cutting, working with stencils, printmaking, and collage. Eelus was born in Wigan, a part of Greater Manchester, England in the year 1979.

He moved to London and became successful after his work was recognized by street artist legend Banksy and another street artist named Eine.

In this clip we visit the studio of Eelus and watch him work on creating some stencils:

Although the artist is capable of working in many mediums I am most impressed by his paper collage. His work with the figure and face using collage is hardly matched in the art world as far as realism and capturing a likeness.

For inspiration the artist often works with subjects he enjoys which include science fiction, women, and pop culture movies such as Star Wars.

Price range information: Prints range from 100 euros to 2000 euros. Original acrylic paintings can reach 5,000 euros.

Below a link to the website of Eelus:





Street Artist Banksy at auction sells for $575,000

A work created a few years back on the side of Prince Albert Pub located in London, England sold for a bid of $480,000 plus $95,000 in fees for a total of $575,000 U.S. dollars.

The work shows two policeman embracing and the work was titled ” Kissing Coppers.”

The work was sold at auction in Miami. Banksy had some other works that received bids, but the bids did not meet the reserve price.

Banksy auction results from December 5th featuring “Flower Girl.”



The world’s most renowned street artist Banksy, just had a work sell at auction for $209,000 U.S. dollars. The work was a 9 foot by 8 foot work that showed a young girl collecting flowers under surveillance. It was made by Banksy on the side of a Hollywood Gas Station. The work was titled “Flower Girl.”

The artist recently worked in New York City for the month of October. A “residency” of sorts.

Go Banksy!



Street Artist Banksy in New York City

In case you haven’t heard, Banksy the British street artist renown worldwide, is in New York City doing a type of residency. The artist has put up works all over the city, and many have been reworked or painted over by other graffiti artists. One has to think that much jealousy exists as well since Banksy is the Lebron James of his world. There will always be many haters of such world renown artist. Same with Warhol or PIcasso. It will be interesting to see how long he can keep his identity secret.

Even one hedge fund manager vowed to give $100,000 if Banksy would do a piece to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Via his website and Instagram account the artist has inspired people to look all over the walls and buildings of New York, a sort of game with a new piece every day!

Here is a link to Banksy’s website where he is posting a New York piece once a day:

Here is a link to see an audio guide the artist has posted with his New York works:

And my favorite work of his New York series, the dog relieving himself on the fire hydrant!

Even though I don’t like being around so many people, I wouldn’t mind visiting New York just to see a Banksy work of art in person before it was ruined!


Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Pure Evil

Pure Evil is a street artist born in the year 1968 in South Wales, England. His government name is Charles Uzzell Edwards. Banksy has been a mentor to the artist. Charles Edward’s father is also a painter who works in an abstract manner, John Edwards born in 1938. Below an example of Edwards abstract style of painting. The artist got the name from a cat he drew in his sketchbook, he liked to look at the good and the bad of life, but enjoyed creating the bad so chose the name Pure Evil.


Price range information: Screenprints on paper range from $200 to $700.

A link to the website of Pure Evil. You can see many prints for sale at this site:

The artist helped run a clothing line that started in England and Japan and moved stateside named Anarchic Adjustment which began in London in the mid 1980s.

In this clip a great interview with the BBC and Pure Evil:

Its great to see another street artist who is doing so well in the business of art, the artist has many screenprints available. The artist also saw his work appear on clothing, so he has an outstanding sense of design.


Art world News….Banksy coming at auction…..more than $1 million

Legendary British Street artist Banksy will be up at auction at Julien’s Auction house. The auction house is renown for its dealings with celebrity items. Julien’s will be selling a mural by Banksy titled “Flower Girl” at auction December 5th of this year 2013. Its an easy date to remember, its my birthday! The work was made on the side of a gas station located in Los Angeles, California. The gas station wall measured 9 by 8 foot. The work was made in 2008 and helped to further the movement of street art on the West Coast.


Below a brief Reuters newsclip talking more about the work.

The piece  “Flower Girl,”  is to show in modern times even an innocent little girl picking flowers is under surveillance.

It will be the first time a work from the street will be up for auction in the United States. Quite an occasion after a mural titled Slave Labor broke the $1 million dollar mark earlier this year at auction. The work has to do with all the pomp and circumstance that happened during the diamond jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth. The work was quite controversial and I encourage you to take a moment to see an interview with the auctioneer and how uncomfortable he felt trying to answer this simple question. The work was stolen and the owner wasn’t revealed. A one million dollar street art thought……

Below a short clip talking about the work Slave Labour. The pre auction estimate was 900,000 British Pounds. How it works is that the work was already sold for this amount to someone in the United States. Current law does allow for the work to be available under auction and if the auction price is more than the $900,000 pounds already agreed upon, the seller can choose to sell to the highest bidder and forfeit his sale to the person in in the United States. See the building where it originally appeared. The public revolted as they wanted their Banksy back. It was a source of pride in the community. From the BBC.

The work ended up selling for $750,000 British pounds or around $1.17 million U.S. dollars.

What a movement that Banksy has helped to start and bring into fine galleries and auction houses.


Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Duo Sten Lex

Sten and Lex are two Italian born (b. 1982) street artists who are gaining critical acclaim on a world wide level. As I have tried to show art lovers everywhere, street art is the new Pop Art! We have seen street art now take on the sculpture world with the Danish artist Tejn. We have seen several examples including  famed street photographer JR  , that have to deal with taking photography to the street art level so that it is seen by the masses. Sten Lex have a very unique niche in the street art world as their style is a combination of Street Art and Op Art like you might expect to see from Victor Vasarely or Bridget Riley. Never seen this style of art on the streets before! Much more exciting to look at then a decaying old gray building!

Their have made art all over the world including Rome, London, Paris, and Barcelona. Though stencils have been a mainstay in American street artist, Sten Lex was among the first  to bring this concept to Italy.

A major leap in their career happened when they were invited by street legend Banksy to produce their art on the walls of South East London in 2008. 39 artists participated in the event.

In this clip we visit Sten Lex painting in Balitmore, Maryland.

Here we see a time lapse edit of  work completed in 2012.

From 2010 we visit a show featuring Sten Lex that took place in Rome, Italy.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the artists’ website:

The Street Art Movement is Here! What a unique concept to blend Op-Art with Street Art! Awesome !


Street artists…..Dolk and Pobel

These first pictures are all by the artist Dolk.




In this clip view works by two world renown street , artists hailing from Norway, Dolk and another artist named Pobel. Both have done public commission works in railway stations located in Norway. A novel idea to use artists to improve public spaces!

Here is an original stencil on canvas by Pobel.
This clip features the art of Pobel.

For Pobel his originals range from $4,000 to $8,000.

As for Pobel, his real name and birthdate is not known. Best known for his humor works found mainly in Norway. Helped organize a street fair featuring many internationally renown street artists to help fundraise for a city hit bad by recession. Based out of Stavanger, Norway.

Dolk, Lundgren is the name for an up and coming street artist hailing from Norway. Dolk was born in Bergen, Norway in the year 1979. When works from this artist started appearing on the street people thought it was just the more humorous side of famous U.K. street legend Banksy. Here is a work by Banksy.

Since both have a similar manner of expression, for me this is great modern Pop Art, modern imagery with clever words, a great mixture. Dolk went to college for graphic design and mechanics. Dolk found inspiration from Banksy. He began in his hometown of Bergen in 2003. He has sprayed his art on the walls of Oslo, Barcerlona, Lisbon, Stockholm, and of course London. It was in London where people thought it was Banksy, the humorous side! A great work from this series is a portrait of Prince Charles and the Burger King!

In 2008 he collaborated with Pobel to introduce urban art to new audiences. The duo did stencil themes for 20 abandoned houses. In 2010 the government commissioned the duo to decorate a new railway station.

Dolks own website link:

If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out Shepard Fairey as well. Its great to see the “street artists” doing so well!


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