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Artist of the moment……Alfredo Volpi

Alfredo Volpi was a Brazilian artist born in the year 1896. Volpi was a pioneer in leading the Modernist movement that took place in Brazil. Though he grew up and lived in Brazil, Volpi was born in Lucca, Italy. His parents emigrated to Brazil before the artist was two years of age. Thought he started out a realist painter, Volpi is renowned for his own unique style of geometric and abstract paintings.

The subject of many paintings by Alfredo Volpi are small flags otherwise known as banderinhas.

The career of Volpi surged after winning best Brazilian artist in the Sao Paulo, Brazil Biennale.

The artist was influenced by another painter who lived in both Italy and Brazil,  Ernesto De Fiori. Fiori was renowned for his figure sculptures. Below an example of the style of Ernesto De Fiori, which Volpi was heavily influenced by in his beginning years as a painter.


Volpi was basically self taught. He was adept at a young age producing realistic works before he was a teenager.

In this clip a great selection of works by Alfredo Volpi:

Alfredo Volpi passed away in 1988.

Price range information: $50,000 to $900,000.