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The Beatles and Abbey Road


An auction was held for the famous collection of photographs taken by Ian MacMillan. The folio of works sold for $227,000 U.S. dollars. The police actually closed the road for 10 minutes and whilst MacMillan took  the shots. One image of a stone wall was used for the back of the record album.

Here is the most famous Abbey Road image of the Beatles taken by Ian MacMillan.



Below a wonderful clip that takes us to the famous Abbey Road:


Lets now take a look at some artwork inspired by the Beatles and Abbey Road.

First we have an image by Al Hirschfeld.



Below a work by Andrew Timmons.



This work is by Leland Castro.


This creative work is by Sylvain Diez.


This work of art by Sara Gauthier.


It sure is fun to see all the amazing artwork inspired by one of the world’s greatest bands of all time.

Cheers and Peace!


rags to riches….a great art story similar to the goodwill finds….Painter John Constable

I hope you read my entries made earlier this year about the finds some lucky shoppers have found at Goodwill. One such artist was Alexander Calder, some shoppers found some jewelry that was in a show at the MOMA in New York City in the 1940s, and also a print that sold for $9,000 on an investment of $12.34 at the local goodwill.


This time the painting in question is a John Constable. a surgeon acquired the piece in an auction at a cost of $50 for the box. The painting is similar in size to a postcard. The painting was bought for $45 about one decade ago. The painting was originally owned by the father in law of John Constable. It has been just sitting in a cupboard for most of the past decade!

The piece is included in CNBC’s hit show “Treasure Dectectives.” An appraiser valued the piece at $388,000.

A larger work by Constable, renown for his landscapes of England, sold for $35 million U.S. dollars last year.


New Andy Warhol original coming up for auction….Happy Birthday Andy!!!


First off  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite artist of all time Andy Warhol who would have been 85 years old on August 6th were he still alive. Sadly unlike Elvis, there appear to be no more Warhol sitings!

In this clip showing the grave of Andy Warhol watch as fans of the artist bring a perfect tribute to the artist. A can of soup!

A new found original work by Andy Warhol will be up for sale at the end of this month. The one of a kind Silkscreen is titled “Of Thee I Sing.”  The title is in reference to one of the artist’s celebrity friends fashion model and singer Nico also known as Christa Paffgen. The auction will be held on September 2 of 2013.

The work is a silkscreen printed on paper that was made specifically for Warhol. The work was bought in the 1960s and 1970s and kept in a private collection.

Below is one of Andy Warhol’s screen tests of Nico. Nico was the first IT girl of the Warhol bunch, to be followed by Edie Sedgwick, covered here previously.

Thanks again Andy for all your contributions to the art world and of course for the Andy Warhol Foundation, a helpful part of so many working artists!