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Artist of the moment…..Mahmoud Said….

Mahmoud Said was a fantastic painter of the Egyptian culture and people. Mahmoud Said was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the year 1897. His father was twice the Prime Minister of Egypt. His father went by Mahmoud Said Pasha.

Said was a long time judge in legal system of Egypt. He didn’t dedicate himself fully to painting until fifty years of age.

Mahmoud Said used oils as his main choice of medium.

Works in museums in Egypt, France, and Qatar.

For his collegiate studies Said attended the Cairo School of the Fine Arts. His work emphasized three dimensional shapes and the artist knew light well. In comparing his work to another modern painter Ed Mell immediately comes to mind. Both use basic geometric shapes that repeat many times in the image. Also both had a great use of complimentary colors in their work.  Two paintings from Ed Mell below. Mell is an American painter born in 1942.



A great montage of paintings by Mahmoud Said here:

Price range information: Said record at auction is $2.4 million dollars. Many works range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Said is one of first painters to capture daily life in Egypt, Lebanon, and Europe.

Said passed away in 1964. Less than one decade his house was made into a museum which is great because visual artists are indeed NATIONAL  TREASURES!

One artist that had a heavy influence on Mahmoud Said was the painter Arturo Zanieri (born in 1870 died in 1955.) Said was a renown painter of the figure, and in particular the female form. Below two wonderful nudes by Zanieri.





Said was a great painter who was among the first artist of his region to capture life in Egypt in oils. I enjoy his work because its a great blend of Eastern and Western painting ideas. His use of color and color compliments was a great combination to his already keen design skills.