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Artist of the moment………Jaybo Monk



Jaybo Monk is a French painter, street artist, and entrepreneur. Jaybo Monk was born in France in the year 1963. Monk grew up in France before relocating to Germany.

In this clip we visit the studio of Jaybo Monk located in Berlin, Germany:

Monk is the founder of a fashion company called Irie Daily and also started a magazine.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist has shown his work at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Below a link to the website of Jaybo Monk:

In this clip Monk talks about the process of creating a piece of art:

Monk is another artist who enjoys the process of creation, as much as the results of his efforts.




Artist of the moment……..Sarah Sze



Sarah Sze is an contemporary American sculptor. Sarah Sze was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1969. In addition to sculpture the artist creates site specific installation works.

One of her constant themes to explore is the never ending appearance of commercialism and information in our culture. Often times she includes many man made items in her art.

The artist attended Yale University where she earned a B.A. degree. Sze went on to earn a M.F.A. degree from the School of Visual Arts located in New York city.

She has created installations for the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, Ma.

In this clip from we view Sarah Sze when she appeared on the P.B.S. documentary series Art21:

The artist represented the United States in the famed Venice Biennial in 2013. In this clip we view her work for this exhibition:

Sze is the past winner of a MacArthur Fellowship.

Sarah Sze is now based out of New York City.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist also produces wonderful prints that feature a mix of silkscreen and engraving.






Artist of the moment………Gene Davis


Gene Davis was an American artist renown for his style of abstract painting using vertical lines. Gene Davis was born in the nations capital of Washington D.C. in the year 1920.

The artist attended Maryland University and after college began a career as a writer. He covered local sports teams and also presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Davis was often a poker playing friend of Truman.

In this clip we see the artist at work from a longer documentary on Gene Davis:

Over his career the artist did many public works in and around Washington D.C.

Davis spent many years teaching at the Corcoran School of Art.

Gene Davis passed away in 1985 at the age of 64 years of age.

Davis’ artwork is included in the collection of the Smithsonian American Art Institute and the Corcoran Gallery of Art both located in Washington D.C. and the Guggenheim located in New York City.

Price range information: The artist worked in many mediums including pastel and lithography which start at $5,000. Original works in acrylics can reach $150,000.

If I were to compare his work to another artist it would be Barnett Newman.


Artist of the moment….Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has been everywhere the past few days, but lets take a look at some wonderful artwork he produced back in the early 2000s. Mandela was incarcerated for nearly 3 decades on Robbin Island.

For this series that depicts many locations of his surroundings, he made 20 images.

As an artist I find he has a great sense of design. He left out so many shapes and put  in only the essentials. Imagine how many items are actually in a prison cell. But his cell looks empty and lifeless.

I also find his printmaking style interesting. Many artists that did illustration in the golden age of illustration used a method of paint and charcoal, sometimes allowing the charcoal to show through.  Mandela used a black crayon for his outline. The lines aren’t the boring and straight as you would expect, but they have nice uneven weight to them, making them far more exciting than one might normally think.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Its great to see a great person making great art! Another artist who made great work at an advanced age!

This link has further detail on his Robben Island series. A brief background about each image is given:—series-i.html

To close we take a look at my favorite work of art that uses Mandela as a subject. This work is done by an artist who uses laser cut wood and steel to make wonderful sculptures. His name is Marco Cianfanelli.



Artist of the moment……Norman Tait


Norman Tait is a Northwest Coast artist born in Kincolith, British Columbia, Canada in the year 1941. Tait is well schooled in many mediums including carving masks, totem poles, printmaking, and even making jewelry.

Tait has even completed a commission for the British Royal Family at Bushy Park located in London, England.

Some other locations where Norman Tait has carved totem poles are the British Columbia Museum of Anthropology and also Stanley Park. For those of you not lucky enough to visit Vancouver, Stanley Park is the second largest park in North America behind Central Park in New York City.

The artist works with the Nisga’a culture and society. Tait is seen as the best artist working with Nisga’a culture.

Norman Tait also has a nephew, Ron Telek, who is a professional carver/artist.

Norman Tait also had a son who was an outstanding artist born in 1965 named Isaac Tait. Isaac Tait was born in Canada but eventually wound up in Sante Fe where he taught at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Below an example of Isaac Tait’s art. Isaac Tait passed away in 2000.


Norman Tait sometimes works with a fellow artist named Lucinda Turner making intricate masks and carvings. Below an example of a collaborative effort from the pair of artists.


Price range information:  Works range from $1,000 to $25,000.

Yet another fantastic family of artists!


Artist of the moment……Adamie Anauta(Anautak)

Adamie Anauta is another master Inuit artist born in Akulivik, Quebec, Canada. Father was a well known artist of the region named Lukasi Anauta.

Has been a professional artist since 1979.

Anauta is renown for his work with the figure. Very emotional figures with amazing detail to features of the face.

price range information: Sorry none available.

No more information on this artist, but more Inuit art coming soon!


Artist of the moment…..Harland Miller

Harland Miller is fantastic contemporary artist known for his watercolour paintings featuring clever text. Harland Miller was born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom in the year 1964. Miller is a true artist, being a prolific writer and painter.

Miller has lived around the world from the United Kingdom, the New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States, and Germany.

Also a novelist, the artist received critical acclaim for a book telling the exploits of a young boy traveling around England with a David Bowie impersonator. The name of the book “Slow Down Arthur, Stick to Thirty.”

Another book that seems perfect for modern times featured the story of a woman who had obsessive compulsive disorder. This is the disease where people can wash hands 1000s of times per day, or spend all day aligning objects so they are perfectly straight. This book is titled “First I was Afraid, I was petrified.”

price range information: Oils range from $25,000 to $81,000. Watercolours range $8,000 to $32,000.

Started his famous series of classic books from Penguin Publishing in 2001.

WRITER in residence at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Largely influenced by Edgar Allen Poe.

Harland Miller lives and works from London, England.

A clip for a show featuring many of the top British artists that started on April 1st of 2o13.  Harland Miller is found around 36 seconds into the clip.

In this clip Harland Miller talks about his travels to New York city.




Artist of the moment….Wallace Cleaver……..Anthony Dow…

In the gallery below the second picture from the top is the scultpure of his that appeared at the Louvre.




Did you know that the actor who played the “beaver’s” brother on the hit television show from the fifties and sixties is also an artist. His work is called abstract, but I would say its more a loose sense of realism done with the figure.

A clip with the artist in this studio.

The artist was born in Hollywood, California in 1945. His father was a designer and his mother worked in the movie industry as a stunt woman and body double. Dow got his break with the show, ” Leave it to Beaver,” with little acting experience. He was a champion diver at the junior olympic level. He joined the national guard for three years in the sixties.

A link for the artists own website dealing with his sculptures:

Dow has had the opportunity to exhibit his art in the Louvre in Paris, France. At first I thought it was  because he was a television star. Hey, I still watch “Leave it to Beaver” up to four times per week on cable. But the artist assures us he wasn’t known at all in France. He was accepted on the merits of his artwork.

Very interesting story about how Dow got into the Louvre. In the television show his little brother was played by Jerry Mathers and the two were in Los Angeles and appeared as guest on a morning news program. Another guest who was co-owner of several art galleries named Robert Berger. He got to talking with Dow and found out Dow and been painting and sculpting since he was a teen. It was among his favorite hobbies.

After the Beaver show ended in 1963, Dow appeared on shows such as General Hospital and Emergency! Emergency is starting to show reruns on cable tv as well, watch for him!  He then went on to be a director and producer. When he was nearing retirement age Dow decided to give his all to sculpture. He had even learned to work with wood whilst still producing and directing.

When he took on sculpture as a daily activity he perfected his skills enough to have his works that he made out of wood, also cast into bronze.  The sculpture that appeared at the Louvre was a bronze.

He and his wife currently live in Santa Monica, California.
This artist is a great story about an artist that through his entire life has continued to learn new mediums and forms of expression. I am glad he got to exhibit his art at the Louvre and look for him to make an impression on the national level just as big as fellow television celebrity Brady Brunch star Eve Plumb. He just doesn’t have many works for sale. I was unable to find high or low prices.


Artist of the moment….Judy Pfaff…..

The artist was born in London, England in 1946. In 1949 her family moved to the United States. The family moved to Detroit and she went to a great prep school for college. She then received degrees from Washington University and a masters degree from Yale University.

Although Pfaff has worked in many mediums over the years she has gained worldwide acclaim for her installations.

She has had major exhibitions of her artwork at the Denver Art Museum and the Saint Louis Museum of Art.

Pfaff has also won major awards in the art world such as Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts fellowships.

If you are in a crunch for time and only have time for one selection watch the first clip! Very informative on her thoughts on the process of being an artist.

The artist in a short interview talking about making scultures. She never took a sculpture class whilst in college.

A clip showing an installation by the artist.

An interview with the artist. She doesn’t like people to step back from her work, she  prefers it to be super close as if you were inside of it.

The author is very witty in saying no one  buys her installations. Its too much of her in the house. You get not only the installation you get Ryan her assistant, her dog, her crew, some dirt….The list is never ending!

When I think of her work this fits perfectly….A collagist in space. She is great at organizing space and depth. Its seems as though she has designed hundreds of shadowboxes for her mastery of arrangements. My favorite works of this style are her floral works.

Joined faculty at Brad College in New York in 1994 and helps to direct a studio art program.

Pfaff was the United States representative at the Sao Paulo, Brazil Bienale in 1998.

She also has done very large public commissions in Portland, Oregon and also in Philadelphia at the Convention Center.

Basic price range: The artist has been so prolific she has many mediums available on the market. Photogravures, collages, plastic works , mixed media, watercolors, lithographs, and paintings can be found from $500 to $5,o00. The artist is very affordable.

The artist can teach us many things. First, put some abstraction in your work, even if your goal is very tight realism. Andy Wyeth, to most people a very tight and realistic painter, thought of himself as seeing things in a very abstract matter, but in smaller patterns and very tight detail that most people overlook. For some ideas on how to use abstraction in making your work better try painting some rocks, polished or unpolished wood(just look for patterns in the wood to repeat), and of course water and clouds. So many edges exist in these subjects as well, you can have fun with the variety.

Another theme to learn from the artist is always create and you will be rewarded. Despite never taking an education class about sculpting, Pfaff was able to come to it in her own way.

The last thing to take from the artist is that of spatial relationships. For an abstract expressionist, at least in her early days, she was very adept and using clean bright colors and not getting too many shapes on her surface so as to confuse or overload the senses of the viewer.

Try something very abstract today! LOOSEN UP and have some fun as Bob Ross would say!

Artist of the moment……Actress and artist Delia Brown…

The artist isn’t a full time actress, but played herself attending a gallery opening on the television day time drama Young and the Restless.

Hear in the artist’s own words about how she goes about creating her artwork.

Delia Brown was born in 1969 Berkeley, California. The artist now lives and works out of New York City.

High price range:  Oil painting went for $78,000. Watercolor for $10,800.

Other prices:  Graphite works from $1,000 to $5,000. Acrylics between $1,000 to $6,000. Most watercolors are around $10,000.

She has attended a few colleges in her art education. She studied at the University London, Goldsmith’s College.  Bachelors of art degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Masters from UCLA. Stepped into the national spotlight when the art world paid homage to the graduating class of UCLA in 2000.

Delia Brown is a very versatile artist working with watercolor, gouache, acrylics, and oils.

This artist certainly maximizes her skills and creativity. She got to play herself on a soap opera ( Young and Restless the clip is above!) And her character was going to an gallery opening. And her paintings, she is similar to Rembrandt in that she has painted numerous amounts of self portraits over the years. She enjoys painting herself and her friends hanging out and partying in well known places such as Beverly Hills, California.

She tries to portray an upper class lifestyle, perhaps similar to all of the reality television shows such as Housewives of Orange County or Housewives of Beverly Hills. This artist had the idea to portray this lifestyle long before it came to television. She should collect a royalty perhaps!

She is very creative and for quite sometime pursued a singing and entertainment career in the hip hop music world.

She also studied a type of acting called the  “Stanislavsky Method” of acting. It involves pouring your emotions into acting. This helps her to create her scenes and paintings with her friends. She has also done performance art, both live and thru video.

Another example of her creativity, she collaborated with actress Hollis Witherspoon and invented a fictional woman named Chelsey Green. Delia Brown makes the paintings and than Hollis acts them out.  Here is a short clip producted by Delia Brown with Hollis playing Chelsey Green.  This was  made in 2006.

This artist is so creative, I hope it inspires someone out there to try a different form of a creativity such as ceramics or better yet performance art. Other painters who also have made great performance and video works would be Kara Walker and of course Robert Kushner.

Try a different creative outlet today!


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