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Artist of the moment……….Edith Schloss



Edith Schloss was an expatriate American painter renown for her abstract expressionist art. Schloss worked as a painter, assemblage artist, and collage artist. The artist studied languages in several European countries before moving to the United States before World War 2.

Once in the United States the artist settled in New York City. She attended the Art Student’s League of New York and also Cooper Union College.

Edith Schloss was born in Offenbach, Germany in the year 1919.

Schloss was married to photographer and film producer Rudy Burckhardt. The marriage was short lived but the couple had a son. Schloss moved to Italy and enjoyed a lengthy career as a writer, though she still painted.

Schloss was known for being friends everyone who was important in the New York City art world.

Edith Schloss passed away in 2011. The artist was 92 years of age.

Price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment……….Arthur Cohen

Arthur Cohen was an American artist renown for his elegant and modernist paintings of the landscape. Arthur Cohen was born in New York City in the year 1928. Cohen attended Cooper Union College and the Art Student’s League of New York City. The artist was a photographer and printmaker.

Cohen enjoyed painting many landscapes around Manhattan, New York and Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The artist was made a member of the National Academy of Design.

Arthur Cohen passed away in 1912 at the age of 84.

What I enjoy most about Arthur Cohen’s work, it has a vibrancy and life to it since he loved to paint from life. In fact he had rigged his jeep so that it was a makeshift painting studio. The artist had palette that even fit over the steering wheel. Painting from an old jeep the artist was able to capture many moments of the Northeast United States in oils.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another great artist who paints the Northeast is Rick Fluery. An example of his work is below:


Artist of the moment……Perle Fine


Perle Fine was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1905. For her artistic education Fine attended the Art Student’s League of New York City. She also studied with famed Abstract painter Hans Hofmann.

For much of career Fine was based out of East Hampton, New York.

price range information: Works range from $6,000 to $25,000. Fine worked as a printmaker and worked in watercolor and oils.


In this clip we view some great works by Perle Fine:

Perle Fine passed away in 1988 at the age of 83 years old.

I enjoy the sense of design used by the artist. Her style is abstract, but very organized and some works have a wonderful Op Art feel to them.




Artist of the moment….Albert Swinden

Albert Swinden was born in the year 1901 in Birmingham, England. Swinden was an abstract painter. Swinden also painted murals for the Federal Arts Project .  His family moved to Canada and then to the United States when he was still a youngster. Swinden attended the Art Institute of Chicago. He also attended the National Academy of Design located in New York City.

The artist also became a teacher at the New York Art Students League.

The artist married and the couple had a daughter named Alice Carter who went on to become a professional painter.

Swinden also produced a large mural for the 1939 World’s Fair that took place at New York City.

The artist had a fire in his studio in 1940s. Many works were destroyed by this fire.

The artist was not a good business person. He was unable to support himself solely from his art and earned a living working as a designer in the textile field.

Albert Swinden passed away in in 1961.

Price range information: Sorry no pricing available.


Artist of the moment……Aleta Rossi Steward

Aleta Rossi Steward is a contemporary artist best known for her oil paintings of birds and botanical imagery. Some birds frequently depicted include ospreys and herons. I first noticed the artist for her skill at painting flowers and was quite surprised to see the amount of life she put into the birds she painted. Steward grew up in the New York City area. Steward works in oils and sometimes tempera.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a wonderful selection of works by Aleta Steward:

For her artistic education Aleta Steward attended the Art Student’s League of New York City where she studied under Frank Mason. Below a great example of Frank Mason’s style of artwork. A portrait of Sir Winston Churchill.


Steward is based out of Brewster, Massachusetts.

Some other painters of birds profiled here include Isabelle Du Toit and Angie Renfro. I enjoy Renfro as she paints birds hanging out on telephone wires. Most artists mix birds with floral imagery, but her work is eloquent and causes the viewer to slow down and look for other bird shapes that may exist on the flower. Below is a painting done by Angie Renfro.


Winner of many awards from the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Another aspect I enjoy about Steward’s work is the combination of lively objects like birds, with very old and sometimes decaying objects that have very worn out textures, such as wood.


Artist of the moment….Dorothy Dehner

Dorothy Dehner was an American sculptor born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1901. For her artistic education Dehner studied dance at the University of California at Los Angeles, California. In addition Dehner attended  the American Academy of Dramatic Art located in New York City.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $50,000.

Dehner was married to a fellow artist named Roland David Smith. Smith was an Abstract Expressionist that worked with sculpture and worked on a very large scale. The couple were married from 1927 until 1952 but died young in a car crash in 1965. This interview features David Smith talking about his artwork:

Dehner would marry again, her second husband ran a publishing company.

Dehner also attended the Art Student’s League of New York City.For her printmaking studies she studied under Stanley Hayter at a private atelier. Below an example of Hayter’s abstract art.


Dorothy Dehner passed away in 1994.

Dorothy Dehner is part of many prominent museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Smithsonian Art Museum.

What a great level of abstraction in both her printwork and sculptures.


Artist of the moment…..James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist first came to fame  during the American Pop Art movement of the 1960s. James Rosenquist was born in the year 1933 in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Rosenquist worked as a painter and printmaker focusing on taking ordinary subjects like a nail, and making it a true work of art by adding Pop art style colors. In this manner its the same way Warhol might take a well known photograph such as the image of the hibiscus flower, and make it scream POP ART! by adding certain colors. The artist was an only child.

A link to the website of James Rosenquist:

Below we view F-111, a painting by Rosenquist that sold at auction for more than $2 million at auction in 1985.

As a child Rosenquist grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he was only fifteen years of age Rosenquist won a scholarship to study at the Minnesota School of Art. Got his first start working in the art field whilst in college painting billboards and advertising signs. Rosenquist would go onto join a sign painters union and paint in Times Square located in New York City. Rosenquist won a scholarship to study at the Art Student’s League of New York.

A montage of works by James Rosenquist:

In 1961 Rosenquist made his first work of studio created art that used some techniques he used when producing commercial artwork.

The artist was nominated to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Price range information: Most works range from $3,000 to $400,000. The artist has broken the $2 million dollar barrier at auction.

In this clip from 2012 we view James Rosenquist receiving an award :

In 2009 a fire ravage the house and studio of the artist. This event destroyed many works including a show the artist was prepping for.

Artist of the moment…..Joseph Stella

Joseph Stella was a painter who explored both realism and futurism in his work. Joseph Stella was born in Lucano, Italy in the year 1855. The artist came to the United States to seek a degree and career in the medical profession. Upon arriving in the states Stella discovered his love of art. Stella painted everything from people, to landscapes, and portraits. His most renown works are very modern paintings of New York city.

Stella worked in oils and pastels.

In this clip a great montage of works by Stella. The viewer can see his love of painting bridges.

Studying at the Art Students League of New York he was able to mentor under artist William Merritt Chase.

Joseph Stella was able to support himself as an artist by becoming an illustrator.

After this stint as an illustrator Stella returned to Italy where he saw modernist works for the first time.

The artist was included in the groundbreaking Chicago Armory Show of 1913.

A recurring theme in the artist’s work was bridges, in particular the Brooklyn Bridge.

Joseph Stella passed away in 1946 at the age of 69.

Stella is included in prominent museums the Chicago Art Institute, the Whitney Museum of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts located in Boston, Massachusetts.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 for pencil drawings to $400,000 for original paintings.


Artist of the moment……Al Held…..

Al Held was known for painting geometric shapes in a third dimension style. Held was born in Brookly, New York in the year 1928.

Held grew up making art as all children do, but not becoming obsessed or even with the thought of becoming a professional artist. This changed in 1947 when he departed from the United States Navy. Held moved back to New York and started taking classes inspired by another artist who went along the same path. I am speaking of the artist Nicholas Krushenick.

Price range information: Held works in many mediums including lithographs and serigraphs which start at $500. Watercolors range from $5,000 to $40,000. Held was most prolific with acrylics and they range from $10,000 to $300,000. Works in ink range from $5,000 to $90,000.

Krushenick served in World War II, when he got out started taking courses at the Art Students League of New York, and became a professional painter held in high regard by his peers. Below is a great example of Krushenick’s very colorful style and fun use of shapes. I can see some influence on Al Held in his compositions.



Below is a gallery featuring works by Al Held. The painting above was by his inspiration, Nicholas Krushenick.




For his artistic education Al Held was able to use the Government Infantry Bill or G.I. Bill, to attend school in Paris, France. Whilst in Paris Held attended the Academie de la Grande Chaumier. Held went to school for three years time then returned to New York. He would make his breakthrough after a few lean and tough years whilst he was trying to find his true artistic voice.

Held received his first solo exhibition in 1959. At this time he was considered an Abstract Expressionist painter.

Here we see fellow artist Judy Pfaff. I have written about her and have seen her fantastic flower installations in person. She is asked to talk about Al Held’s prints and paintings.

Its so exciting to see, but here we have another artist who received many large public commissions. One commission earned the artist more than one million dollars for his troubles! Held has works in the New York city subway system.

Many works of the artist here. Its easy to see the influence of artists like this man and Rex Ray on the screensavers on all of our computers!

Taught at Yale University from 1962 until 1980. Yale has one of the best art programs in the country and have given us such artists as Mickalene Thomas, Kehinde Wiley, and Hilary Harkness.

Won a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1966.

He took a break from his type of painting shapes by going back to black and white images with many interlocking shapes. These weren’t received well by critics and after a few years time Held put color back into his work.

Al Held passed away in 2005 at the age of seventy six years old.

With his style and use of bold color the Held reminds me of the great Roy Lichtenstein. Lichenstein is well known for his use of Ben Day dots, but he had tremendous knowledge of color.  Below is a great example of a seascape done with very simple shapes, bold color, and great composition.


Have some fun and relax with a painting using simple geometric shapes and complimentary colors!

Most important, HAVE SOME FUN!


Artist of the moment…Theresa Ferber Bernstein….

The artist was born in 1890 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She wasn’t a fan of the movement of modern art, she was a strict realist. Bernstein stated that cubes and triangles were boring and didn’t have enough live in them to make them interesting enough for her to paint.

The artist reminds of the famous Galapagos island giant tortoise named Lonesome George. He was said to understand both english and old spanish languages. One must look at living as an art form as well, in order to survive we must constantly make changes. No one did this better than Theresa Bernstein. She was the ultimate fighter and always willing to change. She painted in a realist manner when no other woman was doing so. When her right hand was broken, she learned to paint with the left hand. When she couldn’t hold a brush, she painted by squeezing paint from tubes.  Upon reading this I thought of the artist Bernard Buffet. I wrote about him this past week and he was another highly accomplished and successful artist who developed Parkinsons, was unable to paint and hold the brush anymore, then he killed himself.

Bernstein’s greatest asset as an artist was that she never gave up no matter what obstacles were in her way.

For her education the artist was able to mentor along side such artists as Daniel Garber and Henry Snell at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. She then took classes at the Art Students League of New York where she studied under the great William Merritt Chase.

In 1912 after a trip to europe she settled down in Manhattan, New York. She married an artist named William Meyerowitz. He worked in a variety of mediums and genres from still lifes, to landscapes, abstracts, and portraits.  The couple lived in a rent controlled apartment just one block from Central Park West. The couple had a child that died during infancy. The couple didn’t have any more children.

Bernstein spent summers in New England where she made her famous beach paintings.

The couple didn’t have any children but were very close to their family.  The two helped to support careers in the music industry for their nieces Laura Nyro and Beverly DeAngelis. Nyro ended up to be a songwriter and DeAngelis attended Julliard in New York city and went on to be a songwriter, composer, and a piano and voice teacher in New York city and Atlanta, Georgia.

Bernstein passed away in 2002. At her time of death she was believed to be 111 years old but no concrete evidence such as a birth certificate exists to confirm the fact.

This artist inspires me not only for her style of painting and her attitude, but also for how long she lived.  To experience so many changes in life from radio to television to airplanes to the internet. Kind of amazing to think of all the innovations the artist saw. Despite all the changes in the art world and her husband who sometimes painted very abstractly, Bernstein was a lifelong realist. Even when it wasn’t en vogue, the artist painted what SHE wanted to.

High price range:  Oil painting titled “At the Opera” which sold for $60,000.

Low price range:  Some oil paintings sold at auction in 2011 for less than $1,000.  Etchings, watercolors, and monotypes are also available for less than $1,000.