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Artist of the moment…….Ossip Zadkine




Ossip Zadkine was an artist associated with the Cubist and Art Deco movements. Ossip Zadkine was born in Vitsebsk, Russian Empire in the year 1890. This area is now called Belarus. Zadkine was a painter, sculptor, and print maker.

Zadkine briefly attended the Ecole des Beaux Artes located in Paris, France.

In this clip we visit the studio of Ossip Zadkine in 1965:

The artist’s wife was also an a painter, Valentine Prix.

Ossip Zadkine passed away in 1967.

In this clip we take a closer look at Cubist sculpture titled ” The Accordian Player.” :

Price range information: Watercolors and gouache works range start at $10,000. Bronzes are his highest prices works sometimes bringing in $500,000.

I enjoy the high level of abstraction found in Zadkine’s figure works.




Artist of the moment……..Mauro Corda



Mauro Corda is a fantastic sculptor born in Lourdes, France the year 1960. Corda enjoys trying to capture human emotion in the figure when facing stressful and intense situations.

Corda attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in both Reims and Paris.

Corda’s work is unique as a sculptor for what he adds to his work for a patina. The artist often uses chrome, gold and silver leaf, and silver in his sculptures. The artist will often recreate the same subject matter in different materials to try and express a different emotion.

In this clip a montage of works by Mauro Corda:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 for works in graphite to $80,000 for a bronze or aluminum work.

Corda has been based out of Paris, France for nearly three decades.

Below we view an exhibition for the artist that took place in Monaco. At the end of the clip more of his surrealist work such as animal creatures are shown:

The artist in me would like to see what Corda would come up with for a modern design for the Rolls Royce female figure. Corda’s work is very reminiscent of the Art Deco period.



Artist of the moment…..Demetre Chiparus


Demetre Chiparus was born in Dorohoi, Romania in the year 1886. Chiparus is renown for his sculptures of figures, mainly women, that capture the Art Deco movement.

Chiparus went to study art first in Italy and then ventured to Paris, France where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Artes.

Some influences the artist had included the reliefs and decorations found with dead leaders of old Egypt such as the great Tutankhamen.

The artist sometimes incorporated marble in his sculpture works.



Here we view a great montage of works by Dimitri Chiparus:


Dimitri Chiparus passed away in 1947.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $250,000.


This artist captured the essence of the women of the Art Deco period with exquisite style. A viewer can imagine any of these women doing the Charleston or dancing on stage at any moment.


Artist of the moment…….Giancarlo Impiglia

Giancarlo Impiglia is an Italian artist working in an Art Deco style. Giancarlo Impiglia was born in the year 1940 in     . Impiglia has worked as a muralist and also works with mosaics and even produces wood sculpture. For his subject matter Impiglia likes to depict the social scenery of New York city and the Urban lifestyle. For his artistic education Impiglia attended the Liceo Artistico and the Academy of Fine Arts located in Rome, Italy.

One aspect I love about his work is the fact the faces are left off. No detail is given, just the colors of the clothes and such. We understand through his work at this level of society its all about the bling. Living the Great Gatsby experience!

His signature style involves playing with the shapes of the art deco style, and also with great use of color and movement in his designs.

Impiglia moved to the United States in 1974. Impiglia is based out of New York City.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip a visit to the artist’s studio:

What a great style! Modern and classic at the same time! The artist also enjoys working additions including gold leaf.


Artist of the moment………Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara De Lempicka was born Maria Gorska in Warsaw, Poland in the year 1898. She is best known under her married name of Tamara de Lempicka. The artist is best known for her work of the Art Deco period. Though in her later years she did experiment with abstract works. Her father was a lawyer and her mother the daughter of a socialite. HEr entire life she would remain in the upper crust of life. One sister named Adrienne Gorska went on to be a great interior designer.

In 1912 her parents divorced, she went to live with a rich aunt in Russia. Whilst at the opera at the age of 15, she set her sights on the man she would marry. A lawyer and ladies man about time named Tadeusz de Lempicki. After the Russian revolution the family moved to Paris and were able to get by on selling some family jewels.

She would attend the famous Academie de la Grand Chaumiere in Paris, France for her artistic education.

Some of her work appeared in the hottest fashion magazines of the day. One such work is titled “Auto-Portrait.” Which shows the artist as a sort of Rosie the Riveter iconic woman. Independent, self assured, and free to do what she wants.

She was bisexual and plays have been written about her love life. Even a book by Ellis Avery on a relationship de Lempicka might have had with one of her models.

Her husband didn’t like her bisexuality and he divorced her. She would later remarry another aristocrat. In 1939 she headed for California and became loved by the Hollywood crowd.

Tamara de Lempicka passed away in 1978.

She is still popular among Hollywood, with collectors including Jack Nicholson and Madonna. Madonna even uses some of her works in her videos as background.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $40,0000 for pencil works. Oils can reach for $9 million dollars.

In this clip a great montage of art by Lempicka:

Artist of the moment…..Jean Dupas

Jean Dupas was a leader in the Art Deco movement. Jean Dupas was born in Bordeaux, France in the year 1882. Dupas worked for several leading fashion magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

For his artistic education Dupas attended the L’Ecolole des Beaux-Arts where he studied with John Singer Sargent’s teacher  Carolus- Duran.

Won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1910.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $80,000.

In this clip we visit a show in Paris with the major Art Deco movement leaders including Dupan:

Also designed stained glass windows.

Dupas also helped to design the interior of the luxury cruise ships, including the Normandy.

Jean Dupas passed away in 1964.

Artist of the moment…….Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique was a glass designer and artist who became famous during the Art Deco movement. Rene Lalique was born in Ay- Champagne, Marne, France in the year 1860.  The artist started his own design company that manufactured glass products from perfume bottles to hood ornaments. This company is still in business today.

For his artistic education Lalique attended the School for the Decorative Arts located in Paris, France. After this he took off to London, England and studied at the Crystal Palace School of Art Sydenham.

After his trip to England he began work as a free lance designer working for companies such as Cartier, perfume bottles, and even hood ornaments for companies like Rolls-Royce.

In this clip a great montage of works by Rene Lalique:

In the 1920s the Art Deco movement pushed his popularity to its highest level.

Rene Lalique died in 1945.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $30,000.


New Collage by me…….. In Honor of the Antiques Roadshow….

I don’t keep with the Kardashians and don’t watch any weekly shows other than the Antiques Roadshow and Modern Family. It is so much pleasure to watch someone like Leigh or Leslie Keno talk about something you might think of as boring, they make it fascinating. I remember seeing Mr. Keno talk about an old sugar chest. It used to be kept under lock and key. Its very interesting to see how he comes up with dates and locations to where furniture was made. I wanted to make some furniture of my own in honor of the great work they do on the Antiques Roadshow.

I always shoot pictures of my collage work in the light and dark as the paper I use in some parts is highly reflective in some places. The chair shimmers best in low darkness, due to the reflective properties of the paper.

In addition, if you watch the Roadshow I hope you have seen the episode on the hit television series “Frasier.” It is hilarious as Martin the dad owns a bear clock that came from the Romanoff Family. The Crane family thinks they are now blue bloods.

Since I watch business news channels most of the time such as CNBC, and the Keno Brothers appeared on this channel in a new series titled “Buried Treasure.” The brothers visit old and abandoned houses. The episode I saw the brothers went to a house where the owner had passed away. The brother wanted someone to come in, sell the good stuff  and give it to his children.

I like to think of the collectors house as being a form of living art. I wanted this collector to live in a old mansion, but with modern looking accessories, like the rug. This collector is in their 50’s and enjoys the art deco period the most. A favorite artist of this collector is Erte.

Artist of the moment……Jean Dunand

Jean Dunand was a fantastic artist and interior designer born in Lancy, Switzerland in the year 1877. He was renown for his use of lacquer and is considered by many to be the best lacquer artist in history. Began studying art in school at the Geneva School for the Arts.

Dunand was inspired to learn the art of working with lacquer from a Japanese artist who grew up in an area renown for its lacquer output, this is the northern part of Japan. Dunand was based out of Paris, France. He took 13 lessons from the master and kept great notes that are available in book form.

Worked with the artist Jean Lambert Rucki on some collaborations including some very stylish Oriental folding screens similar. Here are some examples of this work.

In 2003 a watch company was formed in Switzerland that works with his designs.  Here is a link to this site:

In this clip we view a serpent vase made by Jean Dunand.

Dunand passed away in 1942 at the age of 65 years of age.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $650,000.


Artist of the moment……..Amleto Dalla Costa…..

Amleto Dalla Costa was born in 1929 in Milan, Italy.

His surrealistic vision of women remind me a few artists. The first is Alex Katz. Katz was the first American child born to a family immigrating from Russia. Similar to Dalla Costa, Katz paints the figure from a relatively close space, its as if the viewer is suffocating the subject by standing too close. Both artists also paint flat, rather than 3 dimensional figures.


Another artist that comes to mind for his use of Art Deco era patterns and styles would be Erte. A great example of his style is below. Erte’s given name was Romain de Tirtoff.


A link to the artist’s own personal website:

Price range info:  The artist has worked in mediums such as oils, acrylics, and prints. Each is available for less than one thousand dollars.

The artist currently resides and works out of  Milan, Italy.

Dalla Costa’s work with the female figure brings to mind a great deal of mystery. Often cloaked with dark colours and shapes the viewer seems to have caught the ladies by surprise!  Perhaps alarming them with our presence!  In addition to Katz, the artist also reminds me of Bev Doolittle, with his sense of design. One shape might become two female faces!  Dalla Costa a master at design as well as color.

Dalla Costa has participated in more than 200 exhibitions over his long career.


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