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Artist of the moment……Andy Warhol and the Brillo Box…

Lets take a look at the artist who had the most work during 2012, Andy Warhol and his work with the Brillo Box.

A brief history of the box. The box was one of the first very large tasks accomplished by Andy Warhol and his assistant Gerard Malanga in the newly opened Silver Factory. Given this name as Warhol had most of the interior wrapped in aluminum foil by a lighting named Billy Lane.  The factory was a very large space with a total of nearly 5,000 square feet.

Warhol’s first well known series was the one with Soup Cans. The Brillo Box was his first attempt at moving into three dimensions.

Warhol loved to explore the idea of art where ever he looked. From works dealing with death and sometimes suicide, to flowers, to business Warhol enjoyed showing us how much art is involved in our daily lives.

Price range information:  Though the Brillo Box was a FAILURE at first with some collectors even cancelling their orders, the boxes had an outstanding return in the 2000s. From 2002 to 2012,  the average box went up slightly more than six times the price. Far better than a stock market return. The highest sale for a Brillo Box was $4.7 million dollars in 2008.

The boxes were made of plywood and then silkscreened  by Warhol and Malanga.

A very funny interview with Andy and a reporter who questions him about making the Brillo Box sculpture. How come you didn’t make something new? Are you just going to carry on Andy? Seriously….funny!

For a show at the Armory artist Charles Lutz was commissioned to make an appropriation of Warhol’s Brillo Boxes. The public was to take one home for free. I wonder if in 4o years this boxes might be worth 1 million dollars. Not bad!

Another artist who works mainly with Appropriations in his art. He uses reverse perspective to achieve some very unique results. The artist’s work is a wonderful mix of sculpture and painting.

I hope you enjoyed this look into one of Warhol’s most successful series!