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Artist of the moment…….Grace Crowley


Grace Crowley was an Australian artist renown for her abstract style of paintings. Grace Crowley was born in Barbarra, New South Wales, Australia in the year 1890. Her family raised livestock such as cattle and sheep.

Crowley attended Methodist Ladies College located in Burwood, New South Wales, Australia . Later the artist studied with the famous Andre Lhoté in Paris, France. Lhoté was a key mentor and this helped to shape Crowley’s use of colour in her paintings.

The artist was part of the first abstract art exhibition in Australia.

In this clip we view a works by Grace Crowley:

Grace Crowley passed away in 1979.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the abstract qualities of Grace Crowley’s work found in her more realist paintings. They remind of the abstract qualities found in the work of the famed painter Nicolai Fechin. Both artists use a great deal of abstraction even in their more realist and impressionist paintings.  Crowley was gifted at painting in both impressionist and abstract styles.


Artist of the moment…….Lill Tschudi



Lill Tschudi was a wonderful artist who worked with the figure using a Modernist approach. Lill Tschudi was born in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland in the year 1911. For her artistic education Tschudi  attended the Grosvenor School of Modern Art.

Tschudi then relocated to Paris where she mentored under some the more success Modernist painters including Andre L’Hote and Fernand Leger, both already profiled here.

Though the artist used color well, its her line work and drafting skills that amaze me the most. The figures are given just enough information about the figure that we the viewer can imagine it breathing, talking, and coming to life. Tschudi was an outstanding printmaker who produced more than 300 prints over her lengthy career.

In this clip we view a work by the artist as it is prepared for auction. A landscape by British artist Jack Marriot is also shown:

Price range information: Original works seldom come on the market such as watercolors or oils, linocuts and woodcuts often go to auction with prices ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.


Artist of the moment….Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson is widely considered the Father of Modern Photojournalism. Bresson was born in Chanteloup, France. A city within 30 miles of Paris, France in the year 1908. The artist was also a talented painter and draughtsman.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $60,000.

The artist was a student of Andre L’Hote. Below an example of L’hote’s style, this very modernistic looking painting is a seascape titled “Port of Bordeaux, France.” L’Hote ran his own academy based out of Paris, France.


In 1931 he started to take photographs. He visited both Europe and Africa.

Went to New York City to study with Paul Brand. Brand has been featured here before and is renown for his film “Manhattan” showing the life of a person living in Manhattan, New York in the early 1920s. Here is a clip from their documentary. Very interesting to see how New York City has grown over nearly one century.

Whilst in New York City studying film making Cartier- Bresson would work with a French film maker named Jean Renoir. Renoir was a director and ceramic artist.

In 1932 Henri Cartier-Bresson had his photographs published for the first time.

Cartier- Bresson would go on to document many important occasions including the coronation of the King of England. Other events include the struggle of Ghandi against his government. Before the internet and Cartier-Bresson was the world’s eye traveling to far off places including Japan and China.

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Henri Cartier-Bresson:

The artist was a prisoner of Nazi Germany during 1940 before escaping. He then documented the freedom of the French people by the Allied Forces.

In 1975 the artist started to paint again.

Henri Cartier- Bresson passed away in 2004 at the age of 95 years old.

To close we view the artist walking about the streets and shooting photographs. Nothing fancy here, just get out with no assistants and go to work! The clip is in French, but still great to see the master out working!