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Artist of the moment…..Photographer William Eggleston

William Eggleston was born in the year 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee. Eggleston is thought to be the leading artist when it comes to making the switch from black and white photography to color.

For his artistic education the artist attended many colleges but never earned a degree. He atttended Vanderbelt, Delta State, and even the University of Mississippi. He attended the latter for 5 years, but still left without a degree. Whilst at Mississippi he studied art.

He would go on to be influenced by photographer Robert Frank.

Another influence was Robert Christenberry, who encouraged the artist to add colour to his work. Below an example of Christenberry photography:

In this clip we visit a show from the Whitney Museum of Art:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $300,000.

I enjoy the works of this artist and Stephen Shore the most when it comes to Americana of the 1970s.


Artist of the moment…photographer Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore is a contemporary American photographer renown for his pioneering work in the field of color photography. Stephen Shore was born in New York, New York in the year 1947. He also was able to capture many images of Andy Warhol’s Factory studio. For his artistic education the artist was self taught. Shore is also  renown for capturing classic “Americana” type motifs including gas stations and hotel rooms.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $60,000.

Shore received his first camera as a gift when he was 6. A second camera came to him at the age of 9 years old.

The artist was inspired by several photographers including Walker Evans. Shore had so much confidence in his abilities he showed his works to the Museum of Modern Art’s Ed Steichen, both profiled here already. The artist was only 14 years old at the time he presented his works to Steichen.

He would go on to meet Warhol and started photographing the Factory Studio.

In this interview the artist talks about his relationship with Andy Warhol and his beginnings in photography:

Had his first solo exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when he was 24 years of age in 1971.

Started to experiment with color photography beginning in the year 1973.

Winner of a fellowship from the National Endowments for the Arts. Also a winner of a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation.

Currently based out of New York City and is head of the photography department  at Bard College.

In this clip we view a great montage of photographs of the artist:


Artist of the moment…..Realist John Baeder….

The artist is well known for capturing the Happy Days type Diners that remind the viewer or a trip along Route 66.  Some other artists who have worked in the same genre would be Dennis Ziemenski who captures the California of yesteryear and Bruce Cody who is a wonderful painter of buildings that you might see in America of the 1970s and 1980s.

A clip of the artist’s when he received a prestigious art award from the Governor of Tennessee.

The artist has worked in many mediums over the years but is best known for his watercolors.

High price range: $54,000 for  Diner Binghampton, New York painted in oils.

Low price range: prints can be found for a few hundred dollars.

The artist is closely associated with the photorealist movement. I find his work reminds me of Don Eddy, for his use of watercolor and the type of automobile. Also very similar to John Salt. Salt came from England but is associated with the photorealist movement in the United States. Salt is my favorite when it comes to portraying the typical Americana trailer park or mobile home setting.

Baby Brownie Camera was made by Eastman Kodak long ago when it was the Amazon or Google of its day. Perhaps similar to the smart phone camera of today, back in its day it introduced people to the idea of snapshots. People taking pictures wherever they went and millions were sold in the 1950s and 1960s. The artist loved the camera as a young boy.

He started his career in advertising and worked in the industry from 1960 to 1972 leaving to pursue an art career full time. Also in 1972 he started to show full time at the OK Harris Gallery in New York City.

Has been included in more than thirty one man shows.

Museum collections include the Whitney Musuem of Art in New York City, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Yale University Museum of Art, and Detroit Institute of the Arts.

This artist paints what he loves, the old classic Americana image. He was inspired by photography that he saw at the Metropolitan Museum in New York taken by the Farm Security Administration.  After seeing the photographs he started collecting post cards of his favorite subject matter.

For some art homework how about taking at least a photograph of the next roadside restaurant you see. I would prefer that it served food, but that it had wheels. A diner on wheels. They have become popular all over the U.S. and especially here in Denver.

The artist lives and works out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Clip from a show in July 2012 at the Georgia Museum of Art.

Happy painting!


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…Scott Paulk


low priced range: $3,000

high priced range: $6,000

mediums used: acrylics

surfaces used: canvas, board

online and land based galleries: Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The artist tries to find beauty in something that you might just glance at and not look at for a long amount of time. The toys he paints seem brand new and his use of color is fantastic. In general its tough to control the color red, but with his use blue the amount of red in his art works perfectly.

His genre is also very interesting. Americana items from when America was the undisputed king, long  before globalization. Hand watches were quite fascinating with their many designs.

Sometimes the objects are painted as large as 3 by 4 feet.

The artist uses great color in his painting. Looking at the toys he paints always reminds me of being a small child and the great joy and fresh smell that came with opening a brand new box with a toy for me inside!

Not much information on this artist but he has been in many national art magazines.

Try painting a piece from your favorite board game. A thimble from Monopoly for example.

Happy painting!