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Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Risk


Risk is a veteran American street artist renown for his work with the alphabet. Risk(y) is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Risk’s government name is Kelly Graval.

Risk attended the Pasadena Art Institute and also the University of Southern California.

As a veteran Risk was among the first graffiti artists to have very successful gallery shows. He took this experience and started his own clothing line with his artwork as the focus.

In this clip the artist Risk talks about his development as an artist:

The artist also has worked in Hollywood in various movie and music video sets.

In this clip we view a great work painted by Risk on a wall that provides optimism and hope for inmates:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Its great to look back at the artist who were taggers and to see where we have come as far as the street art movement. One of my favorite street artists who works with letter form is the French artist Tilt. Tilt has been profiled here already, and uses his name or other words to make wonderful items including shoes, donuts, and flags.

Some call the artist Risk the godfather of graffiti, but I prefer to think of him as the great character from Harry Potter, Dumbledore! A distinguished gentleman at the height of his powers!