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Artist of the moment….Stalin Tafura

Stalin Tafura is a shona sculptor from Zimbabwe born into one of the most famous artist families in country. His mother is Anges Nyanghongo and his grandfather the world renown Claudio Nyanhongo.

Tafura attended college at Ranch House College studying international tourism. His work is the blend of traditional shona motifs such as mother and child but he also is a master at usingĀ  a particular stone to help add a feeling and mystique to his works.

Tafura is currently based out of Loveland, Colorado.

The artist started out as an assistant to both his grandfather and father helping them to polish up and finish large works.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist who is shown working on a sculpture:

A link to the website of Stalin Tafura:

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Artist of the moment…….Agnes Nyanhongo


Agnes Nyanhongo is most likely the most famous and successful female sculptor on the continent of Africa. Agnes Nyanhongo was born in the year 1960 in Nyanga, Zimbabwe to a family of artists well known in their region of Africa for their stone carvings. She learned to carve by watching her father. For her artistic education she moved to Harare, the largest city of Zimbabwe by population, and studied art for three years.

In this clip we view a gallery show and see the artist at work at home in her studio:

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Enjoys portraying the struggle of women and women’s rights. Nyanhongo reminds me of very much of Elizabeth Catlett.

Similar to the Inuits portraying Shaman or the Goddess Sedna, Nyanhongo also enjoys portraying the myths and legends of her culture.