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Artist of the moment…..Adriana Varejao……

The artist is from Brazil. She was born in a city              .

She is a wonderful painter of bodies of water in a man made setting. Simply put she paints awesome pools that have a spectacular dimensional feel to them. As am avid user of steam rooms and suana I believe the artist has captured the feeling of being in one perfectly. I especially like the works done in blue tones. For me they bring a feeling of relaxation.

This clip is from a show featuring the artist that was held at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York in 2009.

high price range:  The artist’s has sold works for more than one million U.S. dollars.  An oil painting sold for $1,011,236, a work titled Macau Wall #5. Another work that begins Parede Com ( I don’t know the translation) sold for $1,800,000.

low price range:  Acrylics works  from the artist are available starting at $1,800.

Varejao has worked in many mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, and installations. The artist has also dabbled in photography and C-prints can be found between one and two thousand dollars.

The artist is part of many musuem collections including the Tate of London  and the Guggenheim in New York.

She was born in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in 1964 and still resides in the city at this time.

I enjoy this artist for her unique subject matter and her high technical ability that enables her art to have a great deal of depth in it.

Happy painting!