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Artist of the moment…..Street artist Will St. Leger

Will St. Leger is a well known stencil artist from Ireland. He also has done some very unique installations including a show that was titled “Landmark Trail.” It was to show what the world would look like if everyone’s normal path was covered with landmines.

Here we catch up with the artist at an activist event.

This has got to be one of the funnest artist I have covered. In this clip watch as he gives a short presentation on his work. One example is this statement, ” Never meet your heroes, you will only disappoint them. ”

Will St. Leger is sometimes called the “Irish Banksy.”

Here is a link to the artist’s facebook page:

And last we check out a work done in 2011 to raise awareness of homelessness.

Price range information: Sorry no information available.

Like world renown street artist Swoon, Will St. Leger is a great example for everyone to follow of how to use art to make changes in the world.