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Artists of the moment………The Hautman Brothers

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Three brothers from Minnesota won the first, second, and third places in the United States Federal Duck Stamp competition. The artists don’t receive any cash prizes, but make money from selling prints of the stamps. The brothers are very successful as a businessman as their works appears on many decorative items found around the house including towels, blankets, and curtains.

Below is the first place painting of the 2015 Duck Stamp competition by Joseph Hautman.



The trio has won the Federal Duck Stamp competition a total of ten times.

In this clip a brief look at some works by the trio:

Below a link to the website featuring Duck Stamp works. As a group their art has appeared on more than 50 stamps!

The brothers work with acrylic paint.

Below the second place finisher in the 2015 Duck Stamp competition, Robert Hautman.



Price range information: Prints of the winning artwork can be found for $250.

What a great family of artists! Its great to see artists doing well as businessman, but also helping to raise money for waterfowl conservation.

And to close the third place finisher in the annual competition, James Hautman.




Artist of the moment……….Wanda Koop



Wanda Koop is a Canadian painter of the landscape in a modernist style. Wanda Koop was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in the year 1951. The artist was raised and still resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The artist attended college at the University of Manitoba located in Winnipeg.

Koop works in other mediums including video art. For her paintings most works are made with acrylics.

Koop was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2005.

In this clip from Waddington’s Auction House of Canada, where so many of the Inuit auctions take place, we view a wonderful signature work from 2007 that sells for more than $26,000 at auction:


Koop has multiple works in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada. Her works are also in museums in Iceland and China.

Below a link to the website of Wanda Koop:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Koop is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Below a brief interview with the artist:

This artist is great because she does a great job in trying to give her local community as much art as possible. She opened a place called Art City where people of any age can go and receive free art instruction. Art City is located in Winnipeg.


Artist of the moment…………..Jeremy Browne



Jeremy Browne is a wonderful painter of barns and the landscape. Browne was born in Brampton, Ontario and spent much of his childhood exploring the outdoors.

The artist’s family would often travel to the national parks to enjoy the weekend and whilst going there the drive was plain and barren with sometimes only one house might be all you see for miles. This gave the artist some ideas for composing his cozy farm scenes.

Browne works mainly in acrylics.

For seasonality the artist prefers to paint the fall and winter seasons. He finds it easier to convey mood and concentrate on the flow of light during the desolate times.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

The artist has a great palette to paint his farm scenes. With earth tones and grey skies as his basis any splashes of color are more vibrant.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment………..Richard Roth


Richard Roth is an American contemporary artist who is renown for his geometric shaped compositions with acrylics on birch. Richard Roth attended Cooper Union College located in New York city where he earned a B.F.A. The artist went on to earn an M.F.A. from Tyler School of Fine Art located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Roth has been featured in exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of New York City and the Museum of Modern Art located in Japan.

The artist works as an educator teaching painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University. Roth has also been a teacher at the  Art Institute of Chicago and abroad in England.

Richard Roth is also a past winner of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the artist’s website:

What a wonderful style the artist has developed. His work is very modern and reminds of a variety of artists who concentrate on basic shapes with strong and vibrant color including Al Held and Ellsworth Kelly.


Artist of the moment……….Douglas Dean Ohlson


Douglas Dean Ohlson was an American painter renown for his blend of geometric abstraction and using a bright palette. Douglas Dean Ohlson was born in Cherokee, Iowa in the year 1936. Ohlson attended the University of Minnesota.

He was born during the Great Depression and his father was a farmer. Ohlson attributed his bright acrylics palette on the flat landscape and colorful skies he saw as a child.

Ohlson was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. He also won an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Douglas Dean Ohlson passed away in 2010.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view an actress walking through some of Douglas Dean’s Ohlson’s work and sharing her emotions with us. Ohlson worked on a large scale using acrylics in most works:



Artist of the moment……..Gary Stephan



Gary Stephan is an American painter working in an abstract style. Gary Stephan was born in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1942.

Stephan is well schooled having studied at the Art Student’s League of New York City, Parson’s School of Design, Pratt Institute, and the San Francisco Institute of Art. The artist enjoyed the works of abstract painters Jasper Johns and Richard Diebenkorn.

Stephan is a past recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The artist has also won a Guggenheim Fellowship.

A link to the website of Gary Stephan:


In this clip we catch up with our artistic amigo James Kalm and visit a show featuring artist Gary Stephan:

In addition to being a painter, Stephan is an prolific printmaker. He works in very large sizes with some works having sides measuring more than 80 inches.


Artist of the moment…..Brian Alfred


Brian Alfred is an American artist known for his style of flat and bold colors in his portraits. When I look at his work I am reminded of Julian Opie and Alex Katz. Brian Alfred was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the year 1974.

For his collegiate education Brian Alfred attended Pennsylvania State University earning a B.F.A. Alfred would go on to earn a M.F.A.  from Yale University.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Brian Alfred that took place in 2006:

Alfred paints mainly in acrylics.

In this clip a short interview with Brian Alfred:

In this clip we watch as Brian Alfred executes a wonderful piece of street art! :


Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $35,000. Alfred produces acrylic original paintings plus collage works.

I love the portraits of this artist the most. A great example of modern Pop Art.


Artist of the moment……….JonOne

JonOne also known as John Andrew Perello was born in New York City in the year 1963.

The artist was self taught. He considers himself more an old school graffiti artist.

Price range information: Highest price at auction was $24,000 euros.

JonOne is now based out of Paris, France.

The artist works with acrylics and inks on canvas for most works.

The artist was part of a graffiti group 156 All Starz. The group was formed to keep him and his friends from causing trouble on the streets of New York City. The artist was able to meet another artist named Bando and Bando convinced JonOne to make the career transition to living in Paris, France.

In this clip JonOne makes an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning:

Its great to see an artist who left his home country to achieve his dreams.


Artist of the moment…….Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly is the foremost glass artist in the United States. Dale Chihuly was born in the year 1941 in Tacoma, Washington. Chihuly has brought glass to the level of fine art sculpture with the vastness of his works.

For his collegiate education Chihuly attended the University of Puget Sound, the University of Washington in Seattle where he earned a bachelor degree in interior design. Chihuly went on to earn a master’s of science degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The artist also received a masters of fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Chihuly wears the patch as the result of a car accident that left him blind in that eye. His head broke through the windshield and his face was severely cut. This accident took place in 1975.

Has a team of assistants do his work due to a shoulder injury he got whilst bodysurfing in 1979.

In this clip we visit a show from 2010 that took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Many botanical and floral forms are shown here:

In this clip an appearance on CBS:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

As a small business the latest numbers given were annual sales just surpassing $29 million dollars. Chihuly is a great success as a businessman.

I will be posting a new collage that is just finishing drying featuring this artist later today!


Artist of the moment……Larry Poons

Larry Poons was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1937. Poons is associated with the Color Field painters and also the Op- Art movement. For his artistic education Poons attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Art Students League of New York City. Poons began college with the intent of being a professional musician and studied at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Poons has taught at the Art Students League and continues to do so.

One of Poons’ favorite hobbies is to race vintage motorcycles. One of his favorites is the Ducati 250.

Price range information: Poons works mainly with acrylics and also printmaking. Prices range from $1,000 to $120,000.

Larry Poons is based out of New York City.

In this clip Mr. Poons shares with us some stories about a poetry shop he used to own and run back in the late 1950s and also about some friends in his artistic circle:

Below is a clip featuring a show with Larry Poons. We don’t really get good close up shots as with the master James Kalm, but the viewer can get a good idea of to the vast size of Mr. Poons’ art.


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