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Artist of the moment…….Street Artist 1010




Street artist 1010 was born in the country of Poland and makes fantastic works of art that showcase his tremendous use of color. 1010 uses simple geometric and organic shapes to make animals and also wall relief style works that emphasize color.

1010 made his work graffiti type work in 1993.

He uses the nickname he was given my a journalist who photographed his work and gave him the name. 1010 enjoys working with numbers and code.

Here we view an urban art show from 2011 that featured artist 101o and others including Rebelizer. This clip shows 1010 birds and earlier works that involve light and far different from his output now:

Below a link to the website of artist 1010:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

1010 is now based out of Germany and has done many works on the walls of  Hamburg, Germany.

What a creative artist! Its great to get so much color onto blah colored walls!