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Artist of the moment……..Dorothea Rockburne



Dorothea Rockburne is a Canadian painter renown for her abstract style. Dorothea Rockburne was born in Monteal, Quebec, Canada in the year 1932.

In 1950 Rockburne relocated to the United States where she studied art at Black Mountain College located in North Carolina. In the United States she also would go on to meet a mathematician who greatly influenced her ideas of design, Max Dehn. Rockburne also studied under artists Philip Guston and Franz Kline.

Below we check out a great clip from the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City to view a work of art that draws itself!:

In addition to mathematics Rockburne finds inspiration for her work in the field of astronomy.

The artist relocated to New York City in 1955.

Rockburne is member of the National Academy of Design.

Below we catch up with our fellow art enthusiast James Kalm and view a show featuring Dorothea Rockburne. Rockburne’s work is featured at the one minute mark in the clip:

The artist is also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Price range information: The artist works as a printmaker and painter with prices ranging from $5,000 to $30,000.

Two other artist’s who have done works influenced by space and astronomy are Fred Tomaselli and Vija Clemins. All three artists do a great job at using smaller geometric shapes to create larger abstract works.




Artist of the moment…..Jeremy Deprez



Jeremy Deprez is an American artist renown for his blend of abstract and Op Art style. Jeremy Deprez was born in Portland, Maine in the year 1983.

Deprez attended the University of Houston, Texas where he earned an M.F.A.

Below a brief interview with Jeremy Deprez:

For some of his abstract works the artist becomes a realist painter! The paintings are representations of children’s artificial clay, like the brand Play-doh, that the artist lumped together.

Deprez is now based out of Houston, Texas.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Expect great things to come from this artist who in 2015 had his first solo exhibition in New York City. The artist has a great use of color. The abstract shapes in his work are also very interesting.

The idea of painting a ball of clay is very unique!