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Artist of the moment……….Nychos



Nychos is a fantastic street artist from Austria renown for his style of painting sliced 3d images of his subjects. Nychos was born in Styrios, Austria in the  year 1982. His family enjoyed hunting and this influenced his style of art.

He one was bitten by a boar, then hours later ate boar meat. As his family was full of avid hunters, from a young age he was observing cut up and dissected animals. Nychos was NOT dismayed by seeing the insides of creatures, rather he was fascinated by it.

In this clip we view some great drawings and sketches of Nychos:

Below a link to the Tumbr website of Nychos:

Below we view a great clip showing some works by Nychos from 2013:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Nychos appeared at Art Basel Miami in 2014.

What a unique style the artist has created. I am really fond of his creations with the Disney characters!