Artist of the moment……..Diego Jacobson


Diego Jacobson is a fantastic artist who has overcome extremely difficult health problems to thrive as an Abstract Expressionist painter. Diego Jacobson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The artist suffers from a disease called dystonia. This disease causes the body to shake and have uncontrollable tremors. The artist started showing symptoms of this disease when he was eight years of age.

By the time he was 13 his family decided he should have surgery to try and correct the problems. After the surgery he said it corrected about 90% of the neurological problems he was having.

The artist describe his process of a combination of cooperating with the paint and the canvas until he finds the feeling he is looking for.

Jacobson was inspired to become a painter after the artwork of famed Beatle musician Sir Paul McCartney.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist:

What a great example of why art is great!

Below a link to the website of Diego Jacobson:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist also talks about how he is unable to write. That is why I think its so creative that has found a way to include text in his paintings without having to write it.




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