Artist of the moment……Janangoo Butcher Cherel



Janangoo Butcher Cherel was an Australian Aboriginal artist renown for abstract works with many fun shapes.

Janangoo Butcher Cherel was born close to the year 1920, no exact birth date is given.

The artist was self taught and similar to Grandma Moses, began his art career as he began his later years in life.

His works are said to be metaphorical representations of his life and cultural experiences.

Janangoo Butcher Cherel passed away in 2009.

What I enjoy most about this artist is his use and variety of shape. Many Aboriginal works are very repetitive in their use of shape. Often the viewer can get the idea of wind blowing through blades of grass. One shape repeated several hundred, if not a thousand times in the artwork.

Janagoo Butcher Cherel used many different kinds of shapes in his artwork. He is also one of few Aboriginal artists to try to depict realistic subject matter such as birds and water lilies.

Price range information: The artist created most works using watercolors or polymer paints. Original works range from $5,000 to $20,000.


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