Artist of the moment………..Margarita Checa



Margarita Checa is a sculptor from Peru renown for her works portraying the figure in wood. Margarita Checa was born in the year 1950. The artist attended the Catholic University of Peru at Lima. The artist also studied with one of Peru’s most renown sculptors, Christina Galvez.

Below a show featuring the works of Checa from an exhibition that took place in 2010:

Checa enjoys carving with olive wood trees.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of Margarita Checa:

The artist is often called the best female sculptor in all of Latin America.

What I enjoy most about Checa’s work is its ties to the culture of the artist. Much like the Inuit or the Shona artists, Checa also enjoys adding cultural items to her art such as silver, bronze, and even other woods from the region.

If you enjoy large figure work that is very expressive make sure and check out my post on artist Rosetta Santiago.


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