Artist of the moment……….Harvey Quaytman



Harvey Quaytman was an American painter and printmaker who specialized in geometric abstraction. Harvey Quaytman was born in Far Rockaway, New York in the year 1937. Many works of the artist include very large squares or crosses.

His father was a certified public accountant. His father would perish in a train accident just three years after the birth of the artist.

The artist briefly attended Syracuse University before switching to the Boston Museum School and Tufts University where he earned a B.A. degree.

One artist who inspired him was Piet Mondrian. Quaytman also was one of the first artists to use shaped canvases.

Quaytman was married to a writer, Susan Howe, and the couple had a child who turned out to be an artist named Rebecca Howe Quaytman. She was the previous post.

In this clip two of the artist’s daughters talk about their father’s work:

Harvey Quaytman passed away in 2002, at the age of sixty four,  due to complications from cancer.

The artist was an elected member of the National Academy of Design.

Quaytman also won fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Price range information: The artist often worked in acrylics and prices range from $10,000 to $70,000. Works in oils can hit six figures. The artist also worked in pastels and mixed media.

What a great father and daughter set of painters!


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