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Artist of the moment…………R.H. Quaytman



R.H. Quaytman is an American artist renown for her abstract style and mixed media works. R.H. Quaytman was born Boston, Massachusetts in the year 1961. The artist attended the Skowhegen School of Art in Maine and Bard College located in New York state. After earning a B.A. at Bard the artist studied abroad in Ireland.

Her mother was a poet named Susan Howe. Her father was an artist named Harvey Quaytman. Harvey was an abstract painter who employed geometric shapes and vivid color in his work. Harvey will be the next post.

Her work includes many mediums and many works use a silkscreened photgraphic image or on some occasions just text.

The artist uses very large pieces of wood for her works.

Quaytman is married to a film maker.

The artist is a past participant in the Whitney Biennial. She is also part of many modern art museum collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Price range information: Works start in the low six figures around $150,000. Works can reach as high as one half million dollars.

In this clip a brief interview with R.H. Quaytman:

What a unique voice. I enjoy the fact that her chapter’s series includes history about the sites installation location.


Artist of the moment………..Anatol Wladyslaw


Anatol Wladyslaw was a Brazilian painter renown for his abstract works. Anatol Wladyslaw was born in Warsaw, Poland in  the year 1913.

The artist studied electrical engineering. He began to study art 5 years after finishing his engineering studies.

The artist experimented with other art movements including constructivism and figurative works.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Anatol Wladyslaw passed away 2004 whilst living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I enjoy the many shapes included in the many works of Wladyslaw. Its modern and reminds of the screen savers of the home computers of a decade ago.

Wladyslaw reminds of a contemporary Brazilian painter who also had a very bright palette and bold colors and shapes, Romero Britto.


Artist of the moment…………Eric Lacan


Eric Lacan is a wonderful  French artist renown for his depictions of the female figure. Eric Lacan was born in Marseuile, France in the year 1976. The city is suburb of Paris, France.

The artist produces fantastic drawings, is a prolific printmaker, and also a paper cut master artist. Most works consist of wheatpaste, acrylic paint, spray paint, and paper cuts.

Lacan began his career as a fashion illustrator.

Below we watch the artist install one of his posters at night time:

Lacan is also known as Monsieur Qui and is based out a city very near Paris called Vincennes.

The artist is very open about his work performing most of his street art during daylight hours. With his dress and overall employee look he does not seem out of place at all. In this clip we view Lacan put up one of his posters of a woman during the daytime:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of Eric Lacan:

If you enjoy the work of Lacan be sure and check out American street artist Swoon. Who also creates wonderful wheatpastes of women.