Artist of the moment………..Lyubov Popova



Lyubov or Liubov Popova was a Russian artist who was part of the Constructivist and Cubist movements. Lyubov Popova was born in the Russian Empire in the year 1889. Her family was wealthy and owned a textile factory. Popova was a painter and collage artist. Popova emphasized geometric shapes and colour in her work.

Popova studied privately with artists Stanislav Zhukovsky and Konstantin Yuon. Another influence was artist Vladimir Taitlin.

Popova also worked as a commercial artist producing posters during her country’s Civil War.

The artist also spent a great deal of time teaching contemporary artistic theory and practice. She also designed textiles for production in her own factory. These textiles replaced the normal floral and botanical fabric with her signature style of design using bold colour and geometric shapes.

Below a wonderful montage of works by Liubov Popova:

Popova’s painting output severely slowed as the 1920s began. Popova had a son and from her child contracted scarlet fever and died in 1924.

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $1 million. Popova worked in oils, crayons, and watercolors.





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