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Artist of the moment………Lee Bontecou


Lee Bontecou is an American artist renown for her abstract sculpture works. Lee Bontecou was born in Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1931. Bontecou’s flourished as an artist in the 1950s and 1960s with her sculptures made with unique materials.

Bontecou received a great deal of training at the Art Student’s League of New York. Bontecou also received a Fullbright Scholarship to study abroad in Rome, Italy.

A major influence and mentor to the artist was sculptor William Zorach.

Bontecou taught for many years at Brooklyn College located in New York.

Below a signature work from Lee Bontecou that was shown at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City:

Many of the artist’s work was a mix of steel and other modern materials including conveyor belts and mail sacks.

A brief biography and documentary on Lee Bontecou:

Price range information: Bontecou worked as a printmaker and silkscreens and lithographs can be found in the $5,000 to $20,000. Works in casein and graphite range from $20,000 to the low six figures. Sculptures in bronze and steel can reach near the 1 million dollar level.


Artist of the moment……….Alejandro Diaz


Alejandro Diaz is a contemporary artist renown for his work which features text, neon, and humorous sayings.

His basis for much of his art was based on cardboard signs that he made and sold in Mexico that he titled “Mexican wallpaper.”

Although the political and social ideas behind his signs are the same as always, he now uses neon to create more contemporary art. Many works make a racial or class statement cultural statement.

Diaz was raised in San Antonio, Texas. Diaz has also lived in Mexico City and now is based out of New York City.

The artist has also finished sculptures for public commissions.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Diaz is certainly one of the funniest artists out there! I found his take on Warhol’s 15 seconds of fame to be spot on!







Artist of the moment………Mark Rothko


Mark Rothko was a Russian born artist famous for his abstract expressionist style of painting. Mark Rothko was born in Dvinsk, Vitebsk, Russian Empire in the year 1903. His father was a pharmacist and although his family was Jewish, Rothko was the only child to attend the traditional Hebrew school called a cheder.

Rothko enjoyed emphasizing color in his work. Rothko stated that traditional painters began with a drawing, he began with color first.

The artist emigrated to the United States from Russia in 1913. His father was worried that he sons may be drafted into the army, and also for the anti Jewish sentiment that was taking over Russia at that time.

The artist attended Yale University but didn’t feel at ease at the college. Rothko thought that the environment was too elitist and racist for him so he quit in his second year.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Mark Rothko with our artistic amigo the great James Kalm:

Rothko was working in the garment district and visited the Art Student’s League of New York. This inspired him to enroll in the New York School of Design. Two influences for Rothko were Max Weber and Arshille Gorky.

Below a montage of works by Mark Rothko:

Mark Rothko passed away at the age of 66 in the year 1970.

Price range information: Works range from $100,000 for a print to more than $86 million for an original acrylic painting. Below we view Rotko’s work Orange, Red, Yellow that set a record for the artist in 2012:


Artist of the moment……..Anne Desmet


Anne Desmet is a fantastic British artist renown for her prints of famous landscapes. Anne Desmet was born in Liverpool, England in the year 1964. Desmet studied at Oxford University and the Central School of Art and Design located in London.

Desmet has taught engraving at the collegiate level.

Desmet is one of three artists who specialized in engraving elected to the prestigious Royal Academy of Art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Below we take a closer look at a critically acclaimed series that dealt with the architecture of the Olympics held in London, England in the year 2012:

In this clip another brief interview with Desmet as she gave a printmaking workshop:

The artist served as an editor for Printmaking Today. This is an industry standard magazine that covers both painting and printmaking in the U.K.

Below a link to the website of Anne Desmet:


Artist of the moment………..George L.K. Morris



George Lovett Kingsland Morris was an American abstract whose works emphasized hard edges shapes and vivid color. George Morris was born in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1905.

The family of Morris had a great deal of money and the artist attended the best schools graduating from Yale University.

Morris studied the Art Student’s League of New York City. He was first a traditional artist and then came to the more modern movements of abstraction and cubism after moving to Paris and studying with such luminaries as Fernand Leger.

The artist worked as a painter and sculptor.

Morris was a founding member and president of the American Abstract Artists Group.

George Morris and another passenger were killed in an auto accident that happened in 1975. His wife was also in the accident and was severely injured.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Morris is included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

What I enjoy most about this artist was his ideas about abstract art. Morris believed that the shapes used as a basis for abstract could be found anywhere and could be unusual shapes such as a leak of a pipe and the pattern of the dripping water.



Artist of the moment……………Shaun Peterson


Shaun Peterson is a wonderful First Nations artist born in Puyallup, Washington in the year 1975.

The artist began his art career after high school. Peterson has been able to study right alongside contemporary First Nations artists George David, and Steve Brown.

Below a link to the website of Shaun Peterson:

A big moment in Shaun Peterson’s life came when he was given the name of his Great Grandfather, Qwalsius.

What I enjoy most about Shaun Peterson is that he is very honest about his view of the art world, and he hopes to change it. The artist expresses in his artistic statement that when people think of Indian Art it most likely is black or red and traditional.

I know as a reader of this site you know that is not the case! Many bright First Nations artists are making modern additions to traditional art and even mass marketing some of their art on clothing.

Below we hear from the artist in his own words:

The artist reminds us that the basis of the logo of the Seattle Seahawks national football league team is based on a First Nations style bird. Peterson shows a works based on this idea below:

price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment……..Jean Luc- Manz


Jean-Luc Manz is a French renown for his abstract paintings using geometric shapes. Jean-Luc Manz was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in the year 1952.

The artist sometimes finds inspiration in traveling to Egypt. He visited on many occasions over a decade beginning in 1992.

Jean- Luc Manz is based out of Laussanne, Switzerland. He lives in the part of Switzerland where French is the main language.


Jean -Luc Manz work shows glimpses of color field painting, abstraction, and collage. Some works even look like stained glass. The artist will often use shapes he sees in his everyday life.


Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist often works with acrylics on canvas.

What a great combination of various artistic schools of painting!





Artist of the moment………Los Carpinteros


Los Carpinteros is a wonderful artistic duo from Havana, Cuba. The duo looks for a humorous point of view and often include aspects of architecture in their artwork.

The team started out with three members named Marko Valdes, Dagoberto Sanchez, Alexandra Arrechea. Alexandra Arrechea quit the team in 2003 but the other two members kept working as a duo and maintained the group name.

Marco Valdes was born in Camagüey, Cuba in the year 1971. The artist attended school in Camaguéy and Havana, Cuba.

Dagoberto Sanchez was born in Caibarien, Las Villas, Cuba in the year 1969. Sanchez studied art in Santa Clara and Havana, Cuba.

Price range information: Works range from lithographs at $10,000 to original watercolors at $60,000.

In this clip a brief interview with the artistic duo:

The duo is able to achieve a great sense of depth in their artwork.


Artists of the moment…………Anoka Faruqee

Anoka Faruqee is an American artist working in an Op- Art style that a viewer might call handmade pixels. Anoka Faruqee was born in

Faruqee attended Yale University earning a B.F.A. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A. from Tyler University located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Faruqee is a professor at Yale teaching painting and printmaking.

We catch up with our friend James Kalm and visit an abstract show featuring Anoka Faruqee’s work at the 13:30 mark of the clip. I was really impressed with the quality of some of the other artists in this show and will be featuring them soon. One work was very unique, a digital print on velvet!:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the artist’s use of line and how she creates works that seem to move as the viewer changes position. Another artist who has a wonderful sense of motion in her artwork is Shirley Kaneda.




Artist of the moment……..Herbert Andy Anderson


Herbert (Andy) Anderson was an American artist renown his wood carvings of the classic American West. Andy Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1893.

Andy Anderson left home and began to earn a living working as a cowboy at the young age of sixteen. Bored on the ranch he found a very homily cowboy who visited the ranch and thought this cowboy would make a great wood carving. Anderson carved it and it turned out great, an artist was born!

Anderson moved back to California in the late 1920s and the artist flourished producing many new caricatures and was able to earn a full time living from his carvings.

Anderson’s most popular figure is a carving named Sad Eyed Joe. The artist is pictured below with this carving which can be found at Knotts Berry Farm.




A former cabinet member even presented American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a carving by Andy Anderson.

Andy Anderson passed away in 1960.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip a brief biography on the back ground of Sad Eyed Joe and interview with an owner of Knott’s Berry Farm:

To close we view a bust out attempt of the famed Sad Eyed Joe:

What a great artist whose most famous work, Sad Eyed Joe, will be seen for many generations yet to come!


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