Artist of the moment……Ching-Liang Chen


Chen Ching- Liang is a contemporary ceramist who is renown for his art which recreates the texture of wood in clay. Chen Ching- Liang was born in the south of Taiwan in the year 1953. The artist comes from a family of farming.

Chen Ching- Liang often works with the table and chairs as a favorite subject. It reminds him of what he considers to be the funnest time of anyone’s life, a child! No responsibilities or worries, just fun!

The artist first began his work with clay by doing his own style of teapots. He has now worked with ceramics for 35 years.

His family wanted him to be a farmer, but he didn’t want this for a career and he ran away from home. It took three tries, but Ching- Liang Chen passed his exam and entered the National Taiwan Academy of Art with hopes of becoming a nationally renown painter.

When he finished college the regional economy was tough. The artist found success in creating ceramic tea pots. The tea pots led him to wood and his signature trompe style.

The artist’s wife, who was his girlfriend at the time, visited the United States and studied dance in college. She brought a teapot that Ching- Liang Chen had made for her and showed to her ceramics teacher. Her teacher was very impressed with the skill of the teapot artist.

The teacher got the permission for the artist to come and immediately began teaching ceramics at the collegiate level. The artist also had his works shown in the U.S. for  the first time. It was a very successful adventure and Ching- Liang Chen taught very successful classes as the public was eager to learn from this master ceramist.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist is based out of Neihu, a suburb of the Taipei, Taiwan.

He often works on a piece for half a year. Works are purchased before they are finished!

What a fascinating subject matter!



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