Artist of the moment………George Ault



George Ault was an American painter associated with the precisionist movement. George Ault was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1950. His family was of the upper class.

The artist spent some of his upbringing abroad living in London, England and attending the famed Slade School of Art and also the St. John’s Wood School of Art.

The artist lived a life full of emotional ups and downs. Three brothers each took their own lives.

The family of George Ault had much of their fortune invested in the United States Stock Market.

Ault worked in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oils, and gouache.

The Precisionist movement included painters that used basic geometric shapes in their compositions. Many times these works have a common theme of architecture.

George Ault passed away in 1948. He went for a walk and a bridge that was normally there was gone and Ault drowned. His death was ruled a suicide.

Below a retrospective of George Ault with many works shown:

price range information: Sorry none available.

Other artists working with similar subject matter include Charles Ralston and Ed Mell.



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