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Artists of the moment……..Street Artist Duo Icy and Sot



Icy and Sot are a wonderful street artist duo from Iran whose work is often deals with differences with the west and more conservative and traditional eastern cultures. Icy was born in 1985. Sot was born in 1991. They are brothers.

Icy and Sot were from Tebriz, Iran and are now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Below some great examples of Icy and Sot’s public works:

Below a link to the website of Icy and Sot:

In this clip a short interview with Icy and Sot in which they share with us why their work is seen as criminal in Iran:

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A behind the scenes look as the artist duo prepares to go on tour promoting their art:

What a great team of brothers, similar to Os Gemeos (the twins) of Brazil!


Artist of the moment……..Gertrude Hermes


Gertrude Hermes was a British printmaker renown for her work with floral and botanical scenes. Gertrude Hermes was born in Bickley, Kent, England in the year 1901.

Hermes attended the Beckingham School of Art. After one year of study she switched schools attending the Leon Underwood ‘s Brook Green School of Painting and Culture where a fellow classmate was the famed Henry Moore. She would also meet her husband at this school, Blair Hughes- Stanton. Stanton would go on to become a leader in reviving the process of wood engraving.

Hermes taught printmaking at the collegiate level.

Gertrude Hermes passed away in 1983.

Hermes is part of the Tate Museum Collection.

The artist was made an OBE, Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

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