Artist of the moment………Ross Neher


Ross Neher is an American artist renown for his abstract style of painting. Ross Neher was born in Kinsgton, New York in the year 1949.

Neher’s abstract works are usually based on reality. A critically acclaimed piece was designed after seeing the doors of centuries old Sforza Castle located in Milan, Italy.

Price range information: Sorry none available. Neher works mainly in oils.

Neher tries to avoid the appearance of brushwork in his artwork preferring a flat and smooth finished surface.

The artist tries to push basic geometric shapes such as square and rectangle.

Neher is often associated with the abstract art movement, but because of the great sense of depth he is able to achieve I consider him more of an Op- Artist that is looking to find interesting patterns that can be found in real life such as the Sforza Castle doors.






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