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Artist of the moment………Eelus


Eelus is fantastic street artist based out of the United Kingdom. Eelus works in many mediums and is best known for the art of paper cutting, working with stencils, printmaking, and collage. Eelus was born in Wigan, a part of Greater Manchester, England in the year 1979.

He moved to London and became successful after his work was recognized by street artist legend Banksy and another street artist named Eine.

In this clip we visit the studio of Eelus and watch him work on creating some stencils:

Although the artist is capable of working in many mediums I am most impressed by his paper collage. His work with the figure and face using collage is hardly matched in the art world as far as realism and capturing a likeness.

For inspiration the artist often works with subjects he enjoys which include science fiction, women, and pop culture movies such as Star Wars.

Price range information: Prints range from 100 euros to 2000 euros. Original acrylic paintings can reach 5,000 euros.

Below a link to the website of Eelus:





Artist of the moment………Margaret Keane

Margaret Keane is an American painter renown for her paintings which often featuring children with big eyes. Margaret Keane was born in Nashville, Tennessee in the year 1927.

She is also the feature of a wonderful movie that just opened yesterday titled “Big Eyes.” I happened to see the movie yesterday and enjoyed it. The movie didn’t detract too much from the many short documentaries I have read about Margaret Keane.

Keane was very independent and two times left failing marriages at a time when women were given very little opportunity. In the 1950s and 1960s when her work started selling, it was her husband who claimed he painted them. The couple was very successful as a team, but unlike Olga and Alex Baronov, it wasn’t a husband and wife painting team. The wife painted the pictures, but besides her and her husband everyone else thought it was her husband that painted the images.

This story reminded me of the artist Bev Doolittle. Again another situation in which husband and wife were both artists, but in this case the husband gave up his art dreams to help manage and promote his wife’s work. But she got the credit in this case.

In the end Margaret Keane takes her husband to court and movie reaches the climax at this point. She proves that it is she that is the painter. Walter Keane was ordered to pay 4 million dollars in restitution money. Walter Keane is one of the images in the gallery and he still insisted he was the painter until his death. He died penniless.

Margaret Keane is still living and paints often. She still paints her trademark, young women and girls with huge eyes.

Over her career the characters she paints have become happier.

Keane has a wonderful artistic touch. She is a great painter and has great skill at painting supporting subjects in her works such as cats and fences.

A short biography about Margaret Keane with many paintings by the artist:

Price range information: Sorry none available.