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Artist of the moment……….Isaac Cordal


Issac Cordal is a street artist who is renown for his miniature works. Isaac Cordal was born Pontevedre, Spain in the year 1974.

His miniature works are also known as cement eclipses. His process includes first modeling the work in clay before making cement replicas of his ideas using silicone molds.

Cordal is now based out of London, England.

The often places his installations that you might first overlook for having art such as surveillance cameras, bus shelters, and small bodies of water that exist after a good rain.

In this clip a wide selection of works by Isaac Cordal. What a great sense of humor!:

Installation street art is great and often uses quite a bit of humor as we see in the work of Cordal. Another street artist renown for working with miniature sculptures is the Danish artist Tejn. Tejn’s works are called “lock ons.”

Below a link to the website of Isaac Cordal:

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To close we look at another selection of hilarious works by Isaac Cordal. With so many up close images we can see how much work is put into each miniature work of art:



Merry Christmas……………Christmas Art!

Let’s have a look at ┬ásome of the wonderful artwork that has been made over the years to celebrate Christmas.

We begin with Russian based artist 0331C and MOW and this wonderful tree for its scale and color.


And here we have some works made by Andy Warhol. If you are looking for a book to purchase with your gift card that you received a great idea is a book of holiday cards made by Andy over the years for the Tiffany company.

And the master Norman Rockwell!


In this clip we take a look at a wonderful incident that occurred in 1914. It was World War 1 and the men from two different countries put down their guns for one night of peace and celebrated Christmas.

This was made into a wonderful movie and here we see the street art interpretation. The street art is from London and Berlin. The war story featured soldiers from France, Scotland, and Germany. The movie is called Joyeux Noel and I enjoyed it! The clip is from the Telegraph U.K. :

And Frederick Hammersley, like Warhol also designed holiday greeting cards for others.

And representing the street art movement, Mr. Brainwash.

To close with we look at the next artist who will be featured, Isaac Cordal.


Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, and Season’s Greeting to everyone!