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Artist of the moment………Myron Stout


Myron Stout was an American artist renown for his abstract and minimalist paintings. Myron Stout was born in Denton, Texas in the year 1908.

Stout is perhaps best known for his minimalist works featuring geometric shapes and were painted in black and white. In this clip we view some works from the late 1950s with his style. If you have some extra time watch the entire clip to see some other abstract artists including Bridget Riley, Andy Warhol, and Peter Haley. The segment showing the work of Myron Stout begins at 1:45 into the clip. It features some of his minimalist works painted in black and white that sometimes took years to finish:

The artist was highly influenced and also educated by painter Hans Hofmann.



Myron Stout passed away in 1987.

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Stout is included in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art both located in New York City.

I find both the minimalist and color works equally fascinating for their sense of design. The black and white works show great creativity in the formation of the shapes. His color works have a wonderful sense of movement and fantastic use of color.



Artist of the moment………Jeremy Moon


Jeremy Moon was a British artist renown for his abstract paintings. Jeremy Moon was born in Altrincham, England in the year 1934. Moon briefly attended the Central School of Art. He left because he felt he already had a style that worked him, he had already found his artistic voice.

In addition to painting Moon was an outstanding sculptor. In 1962 he won a prestigious national award for his sculpture work.

Moon worked in the advertising industry prior to being an artist.

The artist was one of the first artists paint on uniquely shaped canvases.

The artist worked mainly in pastels and acrylics.

Jeremy Moon was killed in 1973 in a motorcycle accident. He was 39 years old.

He was based out of Kingston-Upon-Thames and this his fatal accident occurred close to his home.

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Moon’s work is often shown in contemporary art shows. Its too bad his life was cut short just as he was entering his prime.