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Artist of the moment………. George Nelson


George Nelson was a contemporary American furniture and industrial designer born in Hartford, Connecticut in the year 1908. One of his famous designs was the pretzel chair. He was also known for the marshmallow chair and platform bench.

Below a wonderful clock designed by Nelson:



Nelson attended college at Yale University. He graduated with a degree in architecture and easily found employment before he graduated from college with a firm.

The beginning of his professional career he was mainly a writer appearing in many industry magazines. Nelson made great use of his position by getting to meet and exchange ideas with the leading industrial modernists in the world.

He also helped to write a book titled Tomorrow’s House. This book had some very new ideas about house design. Impressed by this book a representative from the design company Herman Miller offered a full time furniture design job to Nelson despite his having no experience at the position.

His contract was very generous because it allowed him to work outside the company if he desired. He was also able to collaborate with artists of his own liking. He would take the money earned and actually start his own design firm in New York City using the industries leading designers.

Nelson retired in the early 1980s.

Below another clock designed by Nelson:

George Nelson passed away in 1986 at 77 years old.

One thing that is important to remember about Nelson is that he was similar to a CEO in charge of a company, not always directly responsible. It was found out much later that designs that were given credit for being made by Nelson, were often times designed by someone else who was not given any credit.

This man was a very modern thinker when it came to design. He first developed the outdoor shopping mall so popular in American right now back in 1971.

Below a wonderful exhibit that took place at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art:

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To close we take a look at another popular George Nelson design, the coconut chair:




Artist of the moment………Street Artist Daim


I have been away from writing the past week or so as my computer has been in the shop. I am back in business now!

Daim in an internationally renown street artist famous for his style of 3 D lettering and for the vast size of his works. Daim was born Mirko Reisser in Luneberg, Germany in the year 1971.

The artist works as a tagger, illustrator, sculptor, digital artist, and printmaker.

Daim started tagging when in 1989 as a late teenager.

Daim attended college in Lucerne, Switzerland at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Below we view a session sponsored by Volvo:

Daim and some other artists helped to create the highest graffiti work ever in 1995. The work is below and is found in Hamburg, Germany. The work is 30 meters by 11 meters. More than 1,000 spray cans were used in making the work. The piece is titled “Sign of the Times.”


The artist is now based out of Hamburg, Germany.

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Below we view a time lapse video of Daim at work. This is a great clip because its only weeks old and we can see his current style of dimensional lettering he is using: