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Artist of the moment……….Piero Manzoni


Piero Manzoni was a contemporary Italian artist renown for his conceptual art. Piero Manzoni was born in Soncino, Cremona in the year 1933.

The artist did not attend any formal schooling for art. He taught himself.

Some influences on the artist include Yves Klein and Marcel Duchamp.

Manzoni worked with many mediums and enjoyed using a great deal of gesso in preparing his surfaces. In addition to gesso the artist also used kaolin, which is similar to clay, to build up his paint surfaces.

Manzoni also created a body of work using his own bodily fluids including his own poop, finger prints, and his own breath. He used his own breath to fill up balloons.

The artist is perhaps best known for making 90 cans of his own poop, and then labeling it and selling it as his feces. The works have changed hands many times but have never been opened to confirm the contents. The poop is thought to be plaster by many historians.


Piero Manzoni passed away at only 29 years of age in 1963 after having a heart attack.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 to $20 million dollars.

Below we visit a retrospective show featuring Manzoni with the great James Kalm. The audio if from a taped radio interview with James Kalm:

What a fascinating life Manzoni led!




Artist of the moment…….Federico Uribe


Federico Uribe is a contemporary sculptor from Columbia. Federico Uribe was born in Bogota, Columbia in the year 1962. Uribe attended the University of Los Andes.

Until 1996 Uribe considered himself a painter, after this time period he switched to being more of a collage artist. Some items he has used include coins, pencils, and even electrical wires.

In this clip a brief interview with Federico Uribe as he talks about his exhibit for Art Basel Miami 2013:

Below Uribe talks about his exhibit at the Hudson River Museum:

Uribe finds inspiration for his creations from old masters including Leonardo and Velazquez.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment……Pichi and Avo


Pichi and Avo are two highly talented street artists who work in a realist style. Pichi and Avo hail from Valencia, Spain. The duo are sometimes known as PichiAvo and are renown for their blend of realism and surrealism in their street art work.

Avo studied product design in Valencia and also in Finland.

Pichi started making street art in 1995. Avo began his street artwork in 2003.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Below Pichi and Avo work on a painting of a lightbulb:

In this clip we see a magnificent portrait made on the side of a shipping container:


To close we take a look at a time lapse video of Pichi and Avo painting Santa Claus: