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Artist of the moment……..Marvin Oliver


Marvin Oliver is a wonderful First Nations artist. Marvin Oliver was born in

Oliver has heritage of the Quinalt and the Isleta- Pueblo.

The artist works in many mediums including wood, printmaking, helmets, masks, and totems.

The artist has taught the collegiate level at the University of Washington at Seattle,  and the University of Alaska at Ketchikan.


In this clip Marvin Oliver talks about a prize winning cast glass work he created for the Indian Art Fair of 2013:

Below a link to the website of Marvin Oliver:

price range information: Works range from prints starting at $3,000 to original cast glass works which reach $20,000.

The artist has created many public sized works for locations in Japan, the United States, and Canada.

What a great artist who is highly talented but also shares his process and techniques with the artists of the future. Fantastic!