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Artist of the moment……….Koshiro Onchi


Koshiro Onchi was is sometimes called the father of the sosaku hanga movement. Onchi was renown for his rather abstract style.

Koshiro Onchi was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1895. His family were aristocrats and Onchi received excellent education.

The artist attended Tokyo School of Fine Arts where he studied painting and sculpture.

Onchi was both a painter and photographer. He also worked in a realist style in addition to his abstract style.

Below we visit a show featuring the work of Koshiro Onchi that took place recently at the Art Institute of Chicago:

Onchi passed away in 1955.

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Over his career, Koshiro Onchi designed more than 1,000 books.

Of his works I prefer the abstracts. These have a great sense of movement and variety of color. The design is simple but beautiful.



Artist of the moment……Dipo Andy


Dipo Andy is a contemporary artist working in a pop art style. He often works using celebrities for subjects.

Dipo Andy was born in Indonesia in the year 1975.

Below a sampling of works by Andy as they appear in a gallery setting:

Many works use multiple mediums. A sample would be a photographic image of a celebrity or a snapshot from Google Earth! , lapindo mud, acrylics, resin, and marker.

In this clip we view another show by Dipo Andy:

The most interesting process to be about Dipo Andy is his use of local mud found in his native Indonesia.

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